Cats for May –

The new normal just isn’t in my opinion, however at least our cats are being adopted and that is normal. Probably as many as are adopted there are just as many waiting to find lovely forever homes. A few pets I know of are being left behind and in many cases the astronomical charge to transport the pet some Pet Travel companies are asking has caused this. One of our adopters was told it would cost $30,000 to take their cat to Lyon in France. I did find a much cheaper way, travelling excess luggage but I think they didn’t really want to take him and declined to pursue it. Another was asked 100k to transport her cat, which I agree is absolutely insane. She decided to stay in HK longer until things settle down but she won’t leave her cat. Let’s hope they do!

I always use International Pet Travel; they’ll tell you if you can take your pet onboard or as excess. They have a No-nonsense approach and good advice when you need it most. E-mail
More changes for us too as PAWTNERS is in the process of moving to a really lovely new, larger shop and in the area – two floors no less! I’ll post details when they’re settled in.
We’ll probably re-start our adoption days at the end of summer if all goes to plan.
So, who found homes these past weeks?
Boo boo & Moo moo – the last two of the abandoned six were reunited once more when they were adopted. They’d been in different foster homes where Boo boo was doing well however Moo moo spent his days hiding and his evenings running riot unwilling to be touched.
Now they’re back together and all is well, they’re like 2 peas in a pod!
Xiao Xing & Boo Boo – our lovely elderly cats who were surrendered by their owner when she found out she had cancer. She did what she could to ensure they had what they needed as she had them for almost their entire lives.
We were able to find them a long-term foster together who they loved and she them. She was sad to see them go however she herself had expected to leave Hong Kong this summer and so they went to their new adopter and are doing great.
Sadly, their mum passed away before she found out they were homed and settled RIP. Her family at least know we did what we said we would and found them the best home and I’m sure their final home.
Thelma & Travis – these two were beautiful, the bond between them so strong. They were surrendered I felt so sad collecting them from AFCD but as they are breeds it wasn’t long before they caught someone’s eye who was still grieving the loss of his cat and needed cat company. They moved to a home and were so happy as soon as the doors opened to their cat carry boxes, they began grooming and kissing each other. They’re living the life of spoiled, loved cats once more.
Mr Hoppy – he went on trial adoption and though he’s still not a cuddle cat, in fact he’s not even a pat me cat yet! He is however an extremely fortunate cat and he’s in a home and is loved though he may not know it and though it may be from afar. There’s the right person for every cat and here’s another example of just that 💙
Rosie – sweet Rosie thankfully gained confidence though slowly she did it. Don’t get me wrong she has a way to go but at least she is adopted and with people she knows love her and will take care for her.
Tilly – such a pretty little girl who wanted nothing more than to play, especially with feathers and run around like a mad thing and enjoy herself
Sony – sadly she was left behind as the cost to take her back to Europe was too high. We found her a perfect home and just in the nick of time where she settled very quickly and continues to be waited on hand and foot.
Trevor – such a beauty and white as snow. A happy, lovely little cat who remained in his foster home where he spends many an hour staring out the window or helping dad work. Luckily dad works at home so he has a lot of company.
Tika – she’s such a cute little one though really shy, thankfully she too stayed with her foster and even had the vet come to her to complete her vaccinations. Her lovely family just didn’t want to scare or stress her out!
Tuppence – another delightful little cat, though I’m not a fan of Munchkins or Scottish folds they come with terrible health issues. Anyway, she’s a funny, happy little girl and very tactile. She has a home that fits like a glove and thank you to the person who dumped her by doing so she no longer lives in a cage and has a loving home!
Pia – she’s doing quite well and spends her evenings and the early hours wandering around the flat. By day she’s passed out under the furniture! Happy days and a happy cat!

Maddy – sadly she has a tumour and we are giving her some time before putting her to sleep. The tumour has spread and is inoperable

Who’s still waiting ?
Leroy – we’ve had him for too long bless, he needs an understanding person and a place where he can be a cat. He LOVES other cats and happily flies around playing and stopping to eat before a nap.
Mimi & Mindy – they’re so ready to go to a wonderful home, to the right person / people who will give them time to make themselves at home. They’re a beautiful pair and the strong bond between them makes them all the more endearing.
Rebecca – our dainty black beauty, a stunning cat with a relaxed attitude. I’d love to see her in a loving home as she really deserves that and more
Tony – no idea why he’s not adopted yet, he’s a character. Loves cuddles, loves any kind of attention, as long as it’s positive. He does like to wander up high, a table or shelf is to be explored and whatever is on it is also of interest.

Who’s new ? 

Tiger – he had a beating from the stray cats in the grounds of the estate he was abandoned leaving him in pain and in need of surgery. I can’t tell you how happy we all were to see Tiger make a full recovery.
Timothy – he  is a cute youngster, quite small and though chatty initially, quiet once he gets a nice meal and time to relax.
Twinkle – she is a very friendly, lovely little girl who will be ready for a new home soon. Just Waiting for her skin to clear up.
Valdis & Vernon – They had a rough journey being thrown around in a bag however they handled it well and apart from a few hissy moments. They had their health check and are vaccinated, wormed, chipped and Frontlined.
Vera – A playful little kitten
Vernon and his 4 siblings + his mum Vernon is a tough little boy. We’re hoping he continues to eat and grow. Mum and kittens reunited with Vernon, mum is a very gentle and relaxed. Now very comfortable in the safety of her foster home
Vick – he  is a lovely, playful cat in need of our help.  The finder has been feeding him for some time now and is worried something may happen to him as he will approach anyone.
Please go to the website and checkout their photos and more. If you are interested in any of our feline friends go to the website and fill in our adoption questionnaire You can also check out more on our social media. Facebook / Instagram / Twitter or email.
Hope to see, probably hear from you depending on how normal life really is in the coming months.