Cats for January 2020

Kung hei fat choi / Happy New Year the year of the Rat and lets hope its a healthy, happy prosperous year for us all! After writing this I realised it may be inappropriate given the present situation with the corona virus. Last year we homed just under 140 cats, dogs, rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs and a chameleon.


We have to wash hands more often at the very least and apply common sense in all we do on a day to day basis. Stay well and take care!
This month was crazy we had over 50 questionnaires for 2 BSH cats, Polly & Penny. Pickle the third having already been adopted. Though I have to say they are stunning it was sad to see so many interests in 2 cats. Ironically and yet sadly we had only 2 interests in any of our over 20 Domestic Short Hair cats.
I find it sad that so many animals will never get a chance of a loving home simply because they are not breeds or perhaps not particularly pretty. They have such gorgeous personalities however it isn’t always enough to secure a great home.


Anyway moving on ………..
So who found homes this month?
Chai – One of Rosie’s 3 delightful kittens was adopted after about 10 minutes in foster. He now lives with Otis, Onion, Ninja & 2 dogs. Oh and then there’s the rest of the family making for a very full house with lots of cuddles and kisses to be shared.

O’Shea – He moved out and Chai moved in ha ha. O’Shea is now living with Shambala (who called Birdy) adopted from us a few years ago. Thus far them seem to be doing really well together and little O’Shea is fearless and fascinated with Shambala’s tail.

Pickle – He was the first of the 3 BSH cats to be adopted and he settled in very quickly. He’s the only cat and really loves people and especially children. He happily trots around following everyone and waiting for dad to come home from work. He’s a real character with a huge personality.

Polly & Penny – The 2 girls could be mum and daughter, we’ll never know but they have a strong bond and were lucky enough to be able to stay together. They have a lovely home with more space than they could ever imagine.


Who is still looking for homes?


Dot & Kit – Rosie’s remaining kittens and a cute brother and sister duo. They’re available and will be vaccinated next week we hope.

Rosie – our lovely mummy and a very pretty cat too, she’s on the website if you’d like to meet her?

Mimi & Mindy – they’re doing well and are playing more and enjoying people time too. It’s been a long journey for the girls and we really hope they’ll find a home where they’re loved and understood.

Maddy – she’s doing well and prefers people time to cat time, she’ll walk around and look at the other cats but has no real interest in playing. You’d think she thought she was a different species.

Leroy – he’s made tremendous progress in foster and though he isn’t ready to be stroked he’s playing and loving the opportunity to interact with people and cats. Way to go you Leroy!

Mr Hoppy – our funny older cat who loves to be with kittens, they treat him like their granddad or dad. Every pair of kittens he’s been with it’s been the same and he loves them all, they can do whatever they like. Steal his bed, food, sit on his head all acceptable bless!

Trouble – sadly Trouble is in deep trouble as he is officially homeless from the end of this month. We’re desperate for a foster if anyone can help as his home in Vietnam has fallen through when the landlord changed his pet policy – can you help?

Immy – she’s a beautiful cat and will make a lovely friend for another cat or kitten, and for the right person too of course.


Flash – he’s a young cat and desperately needs a friend to keep him busy and occupied. He’s young, cute and would do best in a home with another cat or cats.


Pia – our beautiful tortoiseshell cat, with the most amazing colouring. Another cats cat who would be best with someone who can give her space and time to adjust to a new home.

If you’d like to meet any of or cats or know more about them please go to the website and complete the questionnaire if you’d like to foster or adopt.


Our next adoption day is at our usual venue PAWTNERS. 113 First Street, Sai Ying Pun – opposite the MTR station. On the 3rd Sunday of every month. We look forward to seeing you there.
Special thanks to our cat sanctuary volunteers Eric, Kat, Matt, Elena, Murat, Amy, Jonalyn, Ada, Ashley, Harriet, & Marzia.