Cats Adopted October – November, and a Christmas Wish Too

So many beautiful cats were fortunate to find homes over the past couple of months, hard to keep up to be honest. With Christmas just around the corner and a new year on the horizon we can only hope that we continue to be successful.

Save more lives, find wonderful homes for more of our cats and kittens and stay as positive as possible – my mantra!
I don’t know about you but I’ll be very happy to see the back of this year? I really hope life can be happier, healthier and who know more normal too!

Alec – what a pretty little kitten and what a big personality, a super social little bundle he is. His foster fell in love with him and his adoptive family too. He’s been really happy from the moment he arrived in his new home and loves to play and cuddles in abundance🐱

Alice – She’s a cute little girl and doing really well in her new home. It’s quite hard to believe how far she’s come and in such a short time. Way to go little star that you are!💖

Amber – A sad story with a twist and a happy ending. Her adopter waited months for a cat, having fostered an American Short hair who was homed. When Amber came along, I thought she was the perfect match and she went on a trial. Within a week Amber had a seizure, and another a week later.

Vet visit number two – it was suggested we keep her on meds and do a blood test every 6 – 12 months. The meds less than $100 per month and she can eat and do as any other cat. She’s now living happily and is adored and living like royalty! No more seizures so far yay!💔

Apricot – He, like a few of the recently adopted cats is also an x breeder and very handsome too. His foster mum decided that even though she’d fostered before Apricot was what was missing from her life. Aah and so he stays in his now forever home! A delightful cat and his play and antics really funny to watch.🐱

Ash & Asha – 2 of the 4 pretty kittens landed on their little paws and were snapped up. They have moved in and taken over, which is what kittens and cats do is it not? They are still very bonded and spend time playing, cuddling and napping 💕

Betty – she came to us already pregnant and we waited for patiently for the arrival – she gave birth in the foster parents’ bed that’s a first.. Once her kittens are weened, she can begin her life afresh in her new home. Her 2 tiny babies are very cute indeed and they’ll be looking for a home in about 6 -7 weeks so watch this space🐾

Tika – at last the right home for our timid little creature. She was probably sad to leave what should have been her forever home. Sadly, she just couldn’t live in harmony with the resident dog and since the dog was there first of course she stays ❤

Veda – she came to us and soon after gave birth to 5 stunning kittens. She was such a caring mum but as cats do when they were old enough, she was happy to see them go. I had a big soft spot for this cat, she has the most beautiful eyes like small emeralds. A gentle soul and a special cat indeed💕

Warren – a cheerful, chatty cat with a big personality and a penchant for love and attention – oh and of course food! I know he’ll make his family very happy and I believe he’ll be very happy too💖

Wisper – she was supposedly for the daughter however it appears dad adopted Ms Wisper for himself. I receive regular updates on her comings n goings, new purchases to make her more comfortable, her special menu and general antics. Dad is very proud of his girl and I believe this beauty has forgotten all about her life as a breeder🐱

Willow –so many people wanted to adopt this pretty x breeder cat and not just because she’s so pretty, she’s also ridiculously affectionate and one of the cuddliest cats and a real charmer too🐾

Winter – he is a delight and being thoroughly spoiled which is perfect given that he came from a breeder. His real life began the day he arrived with us and he’s doing just fine to say the least💖

Winona – she’s a beauty and knows it, she struts her stuff and sashays with confidence round the house. Adored of course and loving her life those awful days as a breeding cat a I’m happy to say very much a thing very much of the past💗

Ying & Yang –
what an adorable pair they are and such a strong bond between them. They’re rarely far from each other, eating, play fighting and of course sleeping soundly like cats’ do! There’s always interest in a cuddle from the family too 💕

Zeek –
he’s one of the sweetest little ones, a bundle of love and happiness. Hard not to laugh at his antics and silliness. Lots of entertainment going on there🐱

Zuri –
what a super chilled, laid back cat he is. One more x breeder and a very loving boy indeed he settled into a home like a duck to water. Another success and the last for now🐾


Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas with lots of fun and frivolity over the festive season. Stay well and safe!
Don’t forget if you’d like to adopt or foster please check our website for available animals and complete the relevant questionnaire