We at Kirsten’s Zoo Ltd are dedicated to helping cats find the most suitable and compatible homes. Please read the following carefully.

To surrender your cat to Kirsten’s Zoo, you (the owner/keeper of the cat) must complete the surrender form below. Honest and accurate answers to these questions, combined with a subsequent conversation with one of ourrepresentatives, will greatly assist us to decide if we can rehome your cat.

We will review and evaluate the surrender request on a case-by-case basis,depending on the circumstances and temperament of the cat and availabilityof foster homes. If the request is accepted, we will schedule the handover and the owner/keeper will be asked to pay the surrender fee of $ 1,800 to Kirsten’s Zoo. The owner/keeper must also submit all vaccination records and medical documents of the cat at the time of surrender. By surrendering the cat, the owner/keeper gives up all rights as the cat owner and will not be able to claim the cat back at any time..


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  • I understand that Kirsten’s Zoo Ltd will arrange for the surrendered cat to be desexed (if not desexed already) and put him/her up for adoption. I hereby surrender my cat and all claims to the cat to Kirsten’s Zoo. I understand that by surrendering my cat, I am giving up all rights as the cat owner and I will not be able to claim the cat back at any time.I agree,

Kirsten's Zoo Ltd has been granted an exemption from holding an animal trader licence in accordance with regulation 5A(1) of the Public Health (Animals and birds) (Trading and Breeding) Regulations, Cap. 139B. Exemption number: ORG-00004