June 2019 Dogs

The very blooming hot 🌞 and turbulent month of June saw a few new come in and a few go out. Sadly our rabbits were not lucky but our Guinea pig was. 


Kayla the guinea pig - she was a lonely though loved piggy as her friend passed leaving her alone. We advertised her and shes now in a home with two little piggies both girls and they're having the best time. The three little piggies are loving life and each others company 🌈


Indie - we inherited her when her family moved to China and I suggested they didn't take her. So glad she stayed, as she has a wonderful home with the handsome dog Tito. Thanks to Vivien for fostering and giving Indie a second chance and of course to her new family for working with her and allowing her the time she needs to settle in.


Jasper - the difference in this boy is incredible. When he came to us he was dirty and in awful condition. He stayed with me initially and spent the first night under the sofa, I slept on the sofa to comfort him and stop him crying. A day later he went to another foster with less dogs and his rehabilitation began. When his dental etc was done he really started to relax and slowly began to eat dog food drink from a bowl and even go for walks which he loved and gets so excited when he sees his dog lead. He's even started playing with toys which is so good to see - thank you Jodi & your pack for showing him the way💕


Jiggle - I really hoped she would go to a home with her gorgeous sister June, alas it's not so easy as most of us rent and have landlords and if they say no it's no!

Thankfully she will have a group of friends and walk with them and she'll still get to see her friend Simche who she adores and it is fully reciprocated. They'reinseparable right now and it will be very hard to split them up. Thanks to her amazing foster family for all they did to help Jiggle adjust and learn how to live in a home and do all things dog 🐶


Jumbo - he went into foster and though he was gentle he didn't know how to behave with children and he appeared to have issues with his hind legs. On further inspection a neurological issue was discovered perhaps from an accident who knows. It stopped him from walking properly though he loved being stroked and clearly enjoyed attention. Perhaps acupuncture or regular swimming ,we'll see what happens after another vet visit.. Whatever he needs he's certainly in the right home to get it as each of his new pack has a physical problem and he loves them all. If there ever was a dogs dog it's Jumbo - he's SO happy and fits like a glove and loves play time, now he's already using his legs more.💜


Junior - he never had to leave his foster home, they fell in love with him and no surprise. He has the ability to make you feel like you are the only person in the world. He'll be living in New Zealand at some point in the future even though he already has more than he or we could have asked for. It looks as though it will just get better and better. 💙 




Kevin - our adorable youngster who lost an eye but gained a fan club is just the best. To know him is to love him, he's gentle, cute as a button and oh so very loving. Homeless too sadly ............


Mei mei - she may be blind but you'd never guess she does as any dog she has the loveliest personality. We were told that a 15 minute walk and a pee stop was plenty for her and yet I see her trundling along the trail with so much confidence it's SO impressive.


Juliette - at last I found her a safe place to go though not until 11th July - out in the elements, chained up and its brutal. Her puppy Pudding now in foster and doing well we hope they can both find homes and loving families.


To our amazing team of volunteers, fosters, friends and photographers THANK YOU for making it all happen. Not forgetting the staff at the Peak Cafe - see you all on 14th & 28th July for more adoptions, fosters and a nice cold drink🥂🍺🍸🍷or 12!    


To foster or adopt please complete the appropriate questionnaire, www.kirstenszoo.com

To volunteer and to see more of our dogs, cats, rabbits more go to our website www.kirstenszoo.com


Have a cool summer!

Kirsten - Kirsten's Zoo