May- Dogs Homed and Newbies

What a strange few weeks we've had, has anyone had a summer? I might have missed it......... Well, as long as I get homes for some we'll be out there come rain or shine!

The staff at the Peak Cafe certainly make us welcome as we huddle under the canopy with our soggy shoes and damp dogs. The dogs are so good bless them, they, like us turn up and wait, hoping that it will be their lucky day! Come rain, thunder and all, we'll be there - only a T* will stop us from showing up!

See you soon for another rainy, sunny weird month? 


Our lucky lot this month ........

Rocky - what a truly perfect outcome for this unusual coloured dog with almost amber eyes. He went back to his dad and a better adjusted, happier dog than ever! His dad decided to stay in Hong Kong after all and so a truly happy ending for Rocky and family 💕


Gandalf - an unexpected adoption and a wonderful one. First time dog and they couldn't have chosen a better adjusted, well behaved youngster. Needless to say he fit like a glove and they are all living happily ever-after. I know for his long term foster it will be a bitter sweet moment, but after all he wen't through and the intense care he received - it is the perfect end! Yay Gandalf you have a home to call your own.❤


Gerda - Gandalf's sister and what a great outcome even though it took far longer than we expected. She was probably one of the two most popular of the 9 and had many many offers of a home however none of them were suitable for Gerda and it was certainly worth the wait as she has the home I was looking for. I get the chance to see her quite often as she lives right round the corner. Her ever growing fan club ask after her almost daily. Way to go Gerda ❤️ You are missed by many as you were indeed one of the most popular puppies, I hope your magic rubs off on Gretel the last of 9. 


Indie - now on trial and she seems to be settling in well and having a great time with her new pal and brother, Tito. We are very much looking forward to a result that will suit all. 


Elzan - what an absolutely wonderful surprise after a very, very long haul, a lot of training and behavior issues he has a home. He's not perfect don't get me wrong, never was nor will he ever be, but he's happy, much better behaved and HOMED 💜 What an absolutely wonderful way to end the month. Once again proof of the pudding, "There is the right home, person for every dog, it's just a question of putting them together''


Who is new this month?

Pudding, June, Jiggle and of course little Mei mei too. We have 3 rabbits also needing homes - check the website for more  and of course our Facebook page (click here) for more 



We took in 6 Chihuahua mix dogs last week. Here's a little update on them. 

We have had an interesting time for want of a better expression. Every dog eats and in some cases drinks something different and it has been a real task. Some walk happily, some after a few days want to, some are scared to go far. Stairs ... they have no idea and are reliant on their foster to teach them how to use/climb them. One thing they have in common is they've clearly not drank water from a bowl nor have they been fed decent food; they don't quite get the whole dog food thing!

Some are only eating rice with or without vegetables, fish with soaked dog biscuits and rice, chicken, eggs. Again thanks to their lovely foster parents and shared info we are getting them all to finally eat dog food mixed with other additives. Two of the boys struggled to drink from a bowl and are being taught to do so with the help of a syringe. Caged and those horrible water dispensers were clearly what they had and all they knew. On the 12th they'll all have had their dental and desex surgery and I know will be feeling so good. They have come a long way in a week and more to come. 

The 3 dogs who are up to date - Juno 13 teeth removed and an eye.


Jasper 11 teeth, skin problem and ear infection and...


Junior 8 teeth and skin not 100% yet.


I think it's pretty clear the remaining 3 will be the same. It will cost a small fortune to get the boys up to scratch as just the basics plus dental will be thousands.

Jack, Jumbo and Jake will all be at the vet on the 12th and an update on their health and well-being will be available soon after.

We still need help to cover their costs which are mounting, can you help? Thank you to those of you who have given already 💙💙💙💙💙💙

Our HSBC account 848 525382 838 Kirsten's Zoo Ltd and a tax deductible receipt will be issued for amounts over $200. They really do need your help and we hope to give them the best of everything. They've had the worst already, bless.

Thank you all for all your help and support. Our volunteers, photographers, friends, fosters and dog lovers - here comes summer or does it ?