Cats for this Month!

It was a lovely month cat wise, with 9 of our gorgeous cats finding homes ~yippee~ some newer arrivals and some long termers too! Just perfect as the numbers have to go down before the silly summer season begins, holidays yay! However a sad, difficult time for us when many people get rid of their pets rather than find a pet sitter, a friend or someone to help while they are away. It may be hard to believe, but it happens, year in year out!

Nonetheless, let's start on a high note though shall we, with our lucky now homed cats.❤


Ivan & Irene - kittens always find homes and usually quite quickly - we do however keep ours a litter longer than most. We really try to ensure there's nothing nasty like FIP lurking. We wait until they're around 10-12 weeks old as a rule. These two beautiful kittens have a all the love in the world and are having an amazing time with cuddles and kisses round the clock. 


Inky one of the most beautiful cats, really wow! Adopted by a lovely couple who waited a very long time for the circumstances, the flat and Penelope to be right before adopting again. We are all waiting to see if the lady of the house is happy with her new friend ........ 


Enzo & Yudothis was the best ever, Yudo has been with us for a very long time however long enough to make friends with his now side kick and bff Enzo. We all waited and hoped for the day our boys found their place, their forever family! That day is the 3rd of June and it will be cause for celebration. 

You may remember how Yudo was when we got him, the pain and suffering he'd endured and the fact that he survived says a lot about his strength and determination. It also shows how incredible his fosters have been and the work they have put in - Isabelle and Francois and later Kat & Matthew. Between you all, you nursed, cleaned, medicated and gave him everything he needed to keep going, and this incredible cat has finally found his place with his buddy Enzo.


Hera - she's such a pretty youngster and although initially scared she's now with two boys Bilbo and Balu, adopted from us. She certainly looks like she's having fun climbing and playing. They'll help her adjust and gain confidence. We are thrilled she's got friends both cat and people.


Henny & Harlow - they've been with us a while and at last found the home they and we wanted for them. A large flat and lots of space to run round and play, a family to love them forever and ever and together - yep we ticked all the boxes and they are very happy kitties.


Izzy - she came to us not long ago and ironically went to a home and family who have waited patiently for months for the right cat. Izzy was, she is everything they wanted in a first time cat. Lovely Izzy is at home in her forever home and living the life- yippee!



RIP - We had to say goodbye to 3 of our cats this month - Will, Yule and Berty. It's always sad and we feel the loss and pain, grief. They give us so much ❤

Will was adopted when abandoned by his owner. He was already middle aged and had health issues however the latter part of life was by far the best. He was loved and spoiled to the very end.💔


Yule - one of 47 I took years ago and he lived in our sanctuary for many years until homed and going to live in the UK - he passed away leaving his bff Moon and his mum who adored him.


Berty - he was never adopted though lived out his life with a family who gave him everything and more. He wanted for nothing and was over 14 when he finally passed, he was loved and knew it.💙


See you next month at PAWTNERS - with some new and some longer term cats and kittens - click here to find them all on the website/ facebook ........ Many thanks to those of you who helped and supported us by volunteering, fostering and adopting!