Dogs for April

A very weird month weather wise but thankfully some people really don't worry about the weather - when they decide they want to adopt they get on and do it! Normal right?

Our dogs do us proud they sit quietly, they never complain. It's almost as though they know what we're there for and why......... them, and finding them the best home with the best people regardless of how long it takes!


This months lucky lot


A Guinea pig called Jelly pig - we are all happy to have found at least one home for one little piggy. Sadly we now need another little piggy as we have yet another lonely piggy.


Guinnesshe didn't have to come back to adoption day, almost too good to be true as he is staying put. Guinness has a bit of a Harem going with 3 female dogs for company and all loving the mad play times on the beach! 


Hilary our pretty young girl found her forever home and again with her foster, it really is a happy ending for her given that she spent her her life chained up in a garden. Now nothing but the best for her. She loves her family and home, her first and last.


Jessie this was a wonderful, brilliant, amazing adoption as Jessie wasn't an easy dog and it did take a loooong time. She moved back to my area which is lovely too as I get to see her most days and she was really happy to see my pack and hang out. A really special adoption for me this one, she lived in a cage for a long time and for 23 hours a day and now she lives with a cat and is the queen of her castle.


Ingridpretty, shy little girl has a home and all the love she could want to go with it. Two new friends too and a quieter place near a beach which is perfect for any shy dog. Away from the noise and hustle of the city, sadly her sister wasn't so lucky.


Still waiting 


Barney we have him under our wing, he's staying with his family but we are seriously looking for a home where he can relax and feel safe. He came from another organisation and has been bounced around like a ball since he was a puppy. Now with a family however with a new born he's not getting enough exercise and he's frustrated, not surprising. He's lovely though needs a routine and a regular walks. 


Gandalf - our gentle oh so very easy, affectionate boy. He's obedient to a fault and wants to make you happy and his goofy ways are guaranteed to bring a smile. Totally toilet trained and will let you know if he needs to go out. He's the perfect family dog, great with children and other dogs alike hard to fault him. He'll join you in yoga, TV, dinner you do it he wants to be a part of it.


Gretel - Gandalf's twin though a more outgoing character, she's cuddly and like her twin very obedient and well behaved. Training is easy because she loves to please and like her brother is such a funny creature and guaranteed to bring a smile. The 3 remaining puppies are fun puppies, love bugs and cuddle bugs too there's not a single negative point to be made I kid you not!


Gerda the 3 G's and the last of the 9 we took on nearly 6 months ago. She's a good girl and greets every man, woman, child and dog she meets. Loves my cat though its not always reciprocated and she bears a couple of scratches on her chops - both deserved! Walking with her can take some time as she chases every leaf or floating object. She enjoys chewing sticks too but she never takes them home. She has outdoor and indoor behaviour which is very interesting, never gets on the sofa but in the middle of the night she creeps onto the bed and makes herself comfy!


Indie she's gained so much confidence since being in foster; with people and other dogs. She's an active young dog who is loyal and would follow you off a cliff, truly. Gentle and undemanding though she loves to be praised and would be a lovely second dog as she's more a follower than a leader.


Summer - though she's not with us yet we are doing what we can to bring her into the fold. Watch this post....


Longer term dogs 


Salvadore - our happy gentle larger boy who just keeps on getting better and yet only we seem to know that, it's weird as to meet him is to love him.


Toby -  he's quirky but easy, 3 walks a day, a soft bed, food and water - he's yours. He likes other dogs and happy to follow, he's no leader.


Elzanour troubled, little guy is making progress but he's not for everyone. He guards and what is his he is highly reluctant to share. He needs to be the only dog as he has no interest in others. 


Thank you to Suzanne, Vivien, Monica, Carmen and our amazing team of volunteers for their hard work.

Hope to see you on the 12th and 26th May. You are all welcome especially if you are adopting or would like to foster. Come and have a drink, a chat over lunch, get some amazing dog treats from Mongolia - the dogs love them!

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