Easter Bunnies and Cats too

Wow it was a quiet month and adoption day, but not without success I'm happy to say. As always, around holiday times we get more requests from people wanting to surrender their pets than interests in adoption. This holiday was no different with 10 cats and 4 kittens in a week! It's just tragic...

Trying to do what we can though being fully aware that we can't save the world sadly -  we don't have the resources. Not one of these cats was adopted from us; they were all rescued from other organisations, found or passed on by a 'friend'. Whatever, the result is the same as they need help. We have to look closely and see who is the most in need, why and when they have to be given up before making decisions. 

As we get older our pets do too, and we don't know what the future holds for us or them. Life can be kind but also cruelat times, and our pets get the brunt end; it's nobody's fault!

Who found homes ? As it is Easter we ought to start with the bunnies. I received a call asking if I could take 2, one day old bunnies as the mother had rejected them. As it turns out she actually hadn't but as is the bunny way, they are fed only twice a day and mum leaves her babies between times and does what mummy rabbits do, eat! 

The finder could not have known this and thought he was doing the right thing. He had 4 rabbits abandoned on his farm and he kindly allowed them to live there though he has no clue about their needs or habits, bless.


Bunny when I was asked to help two, one day old bunnies I thought I'd better get a wiggle on and start reading up on what they eat, if they can eat, and how?

I put out a cry for help and was rewarded with a couple of willing persons to talk me through what was to follow. In the middle of that unexpected storm the bunnies arrived in a tiny box. These faceless creatures their only visible feature,their enlarged ears were not small but minuscule. The syringe I had was longer than the bunnies, clearly too big 😮 so I went back to the phone and asked a friend to get milk. Fortunately, bunny people came to the rescue with bunny milk, and the necessities and most importantly advice! Even better they decided to foster, on the relief I can't tell you.... They only eat twice a day and have to be weighed before and after each meal and need to eat 50% of their body weight per meal which takes A VERY LONG time . Sadly, one bunny did not make it, but the other is still going strong, gaining weight bit by bit - a sure fighter. Watch this space for more updates. 


Fuji - Our teenie tiny, 1 week old kitten found by the side of the road by a large German Shepard alive and kicking. What a beautiful gentle giant, and my oh my little Fuji is doing exceptionally well. She's been fed every 2 then 3 hours by her mum and our stand by foster and her family - what a wonderful example of team work! Lifesavers💕



Geisha - Sadly it didn't work out in her first home but things have a strange way of working out as her x family adopted our newborn Fuji. Geisha is in a new home and seems to have settled in beautifully. She's adored once again and is a happy cat, long may it last. 


Geraldine - We were getting a bit worried as she had made herself so very much at home with her foster, they had a great relationship and chatted regularly. Her penchant was to start talking whenever dad was on the phone, whether she was letting it be known she wasn't happy being ignored or she was joining in who knows? However now in a great home that suits her well and guess what? She's chattering away every time mum is on the phone. She's clearly settling well and a happy future awaits. ❤


Hadley & Hamilton - these little cuties were so well cared, hand reared round the clock by our amazing foster parents, they saved their lives! Today they are in their forever home and loving life and all the love and attention they've always known and enjoyed. Thank you to our fosters, ladies you did us proud!


Santa Paws - We had him for the longest time and though we changed fosters numerous times as he wasn't the easiest cat, quirky and stubborn actually. In the end he proves what I always have and will always believe. "There's the right pet for everyone, it's just a question of putting them together'. He's homed, loved and the determination not to give up finally paid off. 


Who joined us and who is in need  

Our newbies first ......


Immy and her little one India plus we have the other three siblings, Irene, Iago, and Ivan - so if you are looking for a kitten PLEASE contact us!


Maisy - a beautiful 7 year old small, friendly, female - being surrendered as her family are leaving and she can't go with them.  


Jazz - sadly she's a heart breaker, 16 years old and has been with Maisy to date. Finding her a home will be far harder and we only have until August. It's too sad for the older ones especially as so friendly and low maintenance.


Bobo & Xiao Xiong we have fortunately been able to find a foster for theses two. I can't tell you how relieved I am. Their owner is terminally ill and we can't turn a blind eye to that. They've been well cared for and are in great condition, blood tests and everything done. They desperately need a loving home and we know at 10 years of age they won''t get many, or even any offers. Doesn't mean we can't try though right? 


Idris & Iliana -  they are stunning though painfully shy, now in a foster where they're being stroked and interacted with and gaining confidence with each day. They're going to be great;  it is just going to take a bit of time, and time we have for all those in our care. 


Who is still looking for a new home ......


Yudo & Enzo - why are these adorably funny, affectionate cats still with us ? It's nuts, they are just the best ever!


Henny & Harlow  - they're a lovely pair, they really compliment each other and that's why we are loath to split them up - young, friendly, affectionate, healthy, cute. I mean really, what more do you want ? 


Hera - she's coming out of her shell with each day, however, after her ordeal (being trapped) she's still a little wary. Who wouldn't be ? Give her a chance and you'll have the pleasure of watching her shed the fearful layers.


Inky -  another still traumatised from being trapped, though she's coming round more quickly and loves one of the resident cats. They spend hours thundering round the flat chasing each other so she'd be very happy with another young cat if you are willing to give her the time she needs. You'll have a lovely friend in that one!


Iggy -  having spend his life in the roof of a shop followed by a small cage Iggy is on the mend. He's coming out of hiding and allowing himself to be seen. Just perfect and like the others he has all the time he needs to repair the damage done to him. Go Iggy go!


See you all next month May 25th I believe - third Sunday at PAWTNERS - thank you Baymax & Deki for hosting and helping. As always, thank you to out fosters,friends, Steve Uriah Gallery photographer and Ida, Andrea and Yuri helping out.

Want to foster or adopt ?  Keep checking our website which is updated daily or drop me a line. Take care, stay well.