Dogs for March and More

We've had a busy month with one thing and another. Thankfully, I'm glad to stay more on the positive side as we continue to try and raise money to replenish our drained bank account. The puppies are thriving though so the money was very well spent as they are really growing like weeds.

We had a great day at the West Island School fair on the 16th - Guinness, Gandalf, Gretel and Freya all came along resulting in a foster and a possible home too - YaY! We were also able to raise $10,000 which pleased our accountant haha.


Tattoo anyone? Our adopter of 2 dogs and good friend has done Hong Kong's first 'Tattoos for charity' I believe. It has been a great success and even though it ends on the 31st of the month, we are already talking about future possibilities. You have until Sunday to make an appointment for a consultation, get your skates on and don't miss out. We're excited about seeing them as much as participating.

It's such a great opportunity to show how much you love your dog/s and help a charity in need.


Who found homes?


Glenda  & Gaga - no surprise there as they settled in beautifully and are having the life they probably dreamed off when living a miserable existence as ex-breeders.


Gideon - he's only been in his new home a few days and probably missing his sisters. We hope he will settle and be happy. He's such a delightful dog and deserves so much love, attention and only good things.


Gerda- she's on a trial adoption and given that this was her first adoption day she caused quite a stir. Super cute, friendly little girl, her tail just didn't stop wagging and is still going. She has a backup adopter too so it's looking good for her.


Freya - one of the funniest little creatures with a huge personality and an abundance of charm. She has her interview this week - lets see how it goes. If I were looking for a dog, she'd be my first choice. 


Our Newbies this month 

Hilary - what a gorgeous puppy. We tried to rescue her with her siblings last year but sadly we were unable to succeed. As expected she was given up without a second thought when she got too old, too big - yeah really old she's all of 8 months and so friendly. I'm so glad we were able to give her a chance at a home and a normal life and not chained up in a garden 24/7. She's available and you can meet her on completion and approval of our adoption questionnaire.


Who is still looking?


Puppies first - 

Gandalf - less confident than his twin Gretel. He makes up for that in other ways; he loves a cuddle, TV, you and a sofa would be his wish. 


Guinness - can't fault this one, he's smart and bold but not too bold. Affectionate, loving and handsome too - the whole package. 


Gretel - outgoing, cuddly and cute; she's a really good puppy. Learns fast too and add smart to the list!

Gretal and Gandalf are well on their way to being fully toilet trained as they're now able to go out for walks. 


Adults -

Salvadore, Toby, Jessie, Asia, Gene, Elzan and Rocky are still up for grabs if you are interested?


Thank you to our fosters, friends, photographers, volunteers and adopters for your ongoing support. We look forward to seeing you next month on the 14th and 28th for another busy month with the Rugby 7's and Easter.