Cats for March

With the adoption of 3 cats and 3 kittens it was a lovely adoption event indeed. As always we had more adopters than cats which is flattering and shows we must be doing something right! 


Delilah - She wasn't even advertised and didn't need to be- her fosters fell in love with her and though it took the home cats a bit longer it worked and peace prevails. She's Dolly and Dimple's mum so a lovely result for the whole family.


Geisha - she had a bit of a slow start actually as she was scared, no she was terrified. She moved from one foster to a second where she luckily settled and decided it was quite nice being waited on hand and foot. The transition to her now home went like a dream and she was on the sofa on arrival in her new home. She's such a lovely cat and has a home to match, a lovely result and a gorgeous cat.


Haley as expected she was snapped up very quickly and though still in foster as her family have been away she'll be packing her bags s we speak in preparation. There's a lovely family and two excited children waiting to see her and give her lots of cuddles. She'll love the attention as she's very tactile and loving.


The 3 babies who haven't even been named yet but have homes to go to in about 4 weeks time. They're eating well, sleeping and playing so all is well and as it ought to be. They'll be heading to the vet for a check up and then back for a feed, they're still being syringe fed. They have no names and we haven't sexed them either. One will go to join another cat who I know will be happy as will the children. The other two will go to a home where they'll have a lot of space and love, they're the third generation for this family whose cats lived long long lives.


Who are our newbies ?

This month we have taken 3 from the streets - 

Mr Happy - or Hoppy as his friends call him - he has only 3 paws but is doing much better without the cone. He's starting to move around the flat with more confidence and is showing spirit and willingness to be friends.

He's come a long way in a short time and after a few years on the street its his turn to shine. Now in foster and being given all the time he needs to recover and acclimate.


Hannah - Our adorable older cat who was happy to be picked up as she had a very sore mouth. The 6 remaining teeth had to be removed too but other than that shes in great condition and it certainly doesn't hamper her from demolishing her daily servings of fresh fish fresh! She's loving life and her human servants to wait on her. Her new bff is a little girl who chats to her and keeps her company. Little Hannah even allowed her humans to give her a most needed bath as she wasn't able to wash herself and a beautiful swan emerged from the dirt. 


Hershey - what a gorgeous creature she is, I can't understand why nobody ever took her home. Oh well she's safe and thankfully we did bring her in, she's now enjoying space and room service.  A person or persons who would love to give her a safe haven for the rest of her natural life is what we are looking for. She's amazing, strong and no health issues at all, she just has no teeth. It makes no difference to her, nor ought it to you. 


Who is still looking? Keep checking our website, to see more of our beautiful cats - Yudo & Enzo a delightful duo. Angus & Benji another adorable pair, Pia, Santa and the lovely Gealdine too.

Farewell and Thank you to John for trapping and helping with the cats and adoption days you've done so much for our cats. You'll be missed, between you and Joanne so many cats have been given the chance of a happy life as pets. Every cat you guys trapped has a home and the very best available, a home any cat would want. The cats and we will miss you.

See you next month at PAWTNERS - thank you Deki & Baymax for giving us time and space for HK's cats in need. Check our website for adoptions/fostering or volunteering - see you in April.