Dog Adoptions February 2019

An interesting month with our puppies surviving and thankfully thriving! I've had to concentrate more on the puppies than our other dogs the past weeks and yet we were still able to find  great homes for a few of our special dogs.

We were also able to bring in some new dogs once again too as we slowly return to normal and put the nightmare behind us. Thank you to everyone who gave and supported us in whatever way 🙏

So who found a home ?

Fuzzy - the dog with inordinate energy - if I had a quarter of that I'd be flying .......... He has a home which was made for him - his dad a horse trainer and jockey and it was love at first sight. We missed him at home because it was so absolutely quiet, peaceful and I'm sure I hear a long loud sigh when I came back home without him. Ha ha I loved him but he was a handful and on his own is more than enough for anyone 😳


Maple - after her foster parents went on holiday she went off to boot camp and a few days of training she came back a different, well behaved dog - so much so they adopted her! She ran off her excess energy and ditched the crazy behaviour and with a proper walking harness and a ton of exercise our mad Maple is now just Maple 😘


Martin - his foster family finally caved in and adopted him YIPPPEEEEEE Even though they already have 3 cats, 2 other dogs, 2 children and 4 adults at home, it's standing room only! He fits with the family and is loved to bits and loves as much. It was such a wonderful phone call and unexpected as dad rarely calls me it's always mum. THANK YOU once again and I promise I won't ask you to foster again - well not for a while anyway😍 


Georgia - this one did come as a surprise as her fosters had had 2 tiny Poodles and I guessed they favoured the little ones and then came Sugar. Poor dog was given up and at 2 years old is learning what the world outside looks like. She is the sweetest dog, she made herself at home very quickly and did everything right and before a week was over her new mum and dad asked if they could keep her. Another perfect match, she continues to make progress and I know with the love and patience she receives from mum and dad she'll get there soon.🧡


Puppies looking for homes - 

Felix - he's gorgeous and looks most like Gerda I think and he loves the kids, he's going to need a home (foster) on or before the 26th March as his now family have family visiting. By then he'll be about ready to go outside and enjoy the big wide world. Like to meet him ? 


Gerda - she's a really pretty little one, quite Lab like to look at with her cream soft fur and playful nature. She doesn't look like the others I suppose perhaps most like Felix.


Guinness - the only black puppy and he's too cute for words, with his velvety coat and gentle look and demeanor. Can't resist that little one ..........


Freya - she's a bold as brass, confident and fearless, for a puppy so young she is certainly independent. Her furrowed brow and black and cream markings she doe stand out - come and meet her see for yourselves.  


Gandalf & Gretel - in foster together and loving the company I'm sure. They look the most alike of the remaining puppies though their characters quite different. Gretel is more bold than her twin brother who loves people company and will gladly seek out attention. When he cuddles up on the sofa she gets jealous and has to gate crash the party.


New arrivals

We received 3 new dogs - x breeders, beautiful Shelties - watch this space for more on their progress. Glenda, Lady Gaga & Gideon!



Fundraiser alert!

Ever thought of having a tattoo? Well do it now our friends and supporters at BLACKOUT TATTOO have given the entire month of March to raise funds for us. Anyone (over 18) can have a tattoo of their pet/s done after a consult by appointment, the total proceeds will go to our animals in need. Just mention Kirsten's Zoo when you make an appointment. 

See you on the 10th and the 24th March for our regular adoption days!

West Island School fair on the 16th - puppies too

Teakha - Mini sale & puppy adoption day on 31st