Our Cat Sanctuary Cats and their Friend

Meet the final 4! 

We are down to four girls which is more than impressive considering there were 47 initially. They've been together for the longest time and they get on or accept the other as they have the space indoors and out to be able to do so. Their flat has been custom made to suit them and give them shelves and spaces to allow them to climb. 

They're all very different in appearance and personality and yet they live together in relative harmony (long may it last). They could go into homes with the right people, experienced cat loving, patient person/s in pairs perhaps easier for them to transition.

Our amazing team of volunteers have been caring and cleaning playing with them and slowly socialising and it is working.


Fire - Just like her personality



Val- very much her own cat


Diamond - quite a special cat with amazing coulouring 



Egypt- our black, sulty beauty



The last photo and cat isn't actually one of ours however he / she comes to visit and steal food - the girls watch him/her carefully but allow it!