Cat Updates (and a Bunny Update!) for the Month

We are having a drought on the cat front which is wonderful. If it's because there are less abandoned or in need all the better, but who knows? Anyway, as long as there are cats in need we will help if we can, or if they genuinely need help.

We were recently asked to help 30 cats and of course jumped at the chance until ......... we were told all that was wanted was free food, but we weren't allowed to take them to the vet, desex them or re-home them? That helps the hoarder but not the cats and that was that!


Without further ado, here are our lucky, adopted ones this month: 


Ms. Bunny - this adorable mini lop rabbit found her forever home where she's getting love and attention, and all the hay she can eat.


Flash - an absolutely gorgeous male kitten, though very sick with cat flu when he arrived. We didn't advertise him as we weren't sure if he'd recover. One of our experienced fosters took him home and nursed him, hand fed him and wrapped him in a blanket, and gave him all the love and cuddles he wanted. Since then Flash has gone from strength to strength and almost fully recovered. 

He'll have another check up this week and if all well his first vaccination before going to his forever home, unseen as yet by his new family. We're more than confident that Flash is the right kitten and they the right people🐱 

Thank you Lina & Alberto!


Frederick - after a bit of a rocky start health wise, he had one of the worst cases of ear mites I've seen in a while, inflamed eyes, lank, sticky hair and he was terribly thin. Whoever left him on a stairwell should be ashamed, he could have so easily been given to one of many charities. Thankfully he now looks like a million dollars having been cuddled, pampered and treated like Royalty by his fosters - without our amazing fosters our cats recovery would be a lot slower. He will also go to his new home this week and they have a dog who likes cats, lets see how Frederick feels about sharing. He's a real character so incredibly chilled, I suspect he won't acknowledge the dogs existence🐶 

Thank you Kacey & Robert 💕


Our cats who are still looking for forever homes:


Angus & Benji - not with us long and clearly a bit confused and detached, I suspect they didn't get a lot of attention before however they're getting that now and lots of interaction to try and get a few pounds off. Their lovely fosters commented that they may keep them which would certainly be a big win for the boys. Watch this space for an update and more. 

Thank you  Sue!     👍


Santa Paws though not adopted he may as well be he has really made himself at home and is SO loved. He and his foster have regular conversations, I kid you not though I can't say for sure what they find to talk about? They're happy sharing time and space, most evenings on the sofa in front of the TV is the norm for a cat who has been more than difficult. He's found his heaven and his angel.

Thank you Calla 💕


Enzo & Yudo - it's both sad and crazy that the boys haven't yet been adopted. Admittedly they have had interest but just not what we wanted for them. They're real characters with huge personalities, they compliment each other, protect each other the bond formed between these two x street cats is amazing. If it takes forever, we wait until we will find them the perfect home. They actually have that now with their fosters but fosters don't last forever and that's what makes it so hard! 

Kat & Matt, thank you 🙏


And of course, a big THANK YOU to Deki and Baymax for their venue, time, and help - we wouldn't be able to do it without them.