January's Dogs

We are all happy to begin a new and more positive year, and we did that this month as our adoptions reflect. Nice to continue at the Peak Cafe with friendly faces and good Rosé ! Thank you to all you ladies for your service with a smile and for keeping the dogs watered and us with full glasses and great food too!

Thank you to Chloe & Gaile for designing, modeling and selling your hoodies to raise some funds for us - you guys are inspiring many. Checkout the photos and I look forward to working with you on a summer T.

Further thanks to Ivi & Jackpot for once again raising awareness and funds for us. You are to us all, an inspiration! 

A big thank you to Ashley, you do so much in so very many ways, you even make sure I eat and you tolerate Lili sitting on you and washing your face while you try to eat your lunch!

Thank you to Mongolian Treats for bringing your treats and giving your time, I know you have so little time. To Steve, Uriah Gallery for gorgeous photos and the continuous support.


So who got a home? 

Digby - no surprise his trial was over the day it started haha. He has a great home and gets to see lots of his friends, mad Mini being but one. He's a lucky, lovely boy and has kept his fan base too.


Faith - this adorable little x breeder, so gentle and loving it's heartbreaking to imagine what she's had to endure. Now very much in the past and her new life is a bed of roses, sweet smelling with nothing but kisses cuddles and love.


Fi - found in a park and with us for about 6 weeks we've still to hear her bark. Whoever had her clearly scared her so much she barely makes a sound. The home she has will not mind or care if she barks or cries that's a cert. In fact she can pretty much do what she wants and her family will understand. They love her and want her to be happy and forget her sad past. Her eyes are starting to show brightness, the sadness going bless her.


Fiona - she too an x breeder went on trial but the day she left with her new friends and didn't look back it was obvious she wasn't coming back. She fits like a glove and is having a ball running round like a mad thing. 


Fleur - another little treasure and also an x breeder she's in foster waiting for her mums return from a trip, the same foster who had Faith and are spoiling her. She has a loving home where she'll be doted on and also get to go for long walks and runs when she's strong enough. A bit different to her past life in a cage forced to breed for money!


Frank - so many wanted him without even meeting him and quite understandably so as he is a great dog, especially for a Corgi. He's full of life and personality. Playful fun and he doesn't bite or have any of the negative traits associated with Corgi's WOW. He's in a home where after having two dogs with behavioural issues they now have a dog who just wants to play. He steals shoes, socks or whatever catches his eye and he's off. So glad you finally got the dog you so very much wanted.


Who needs a home? The list is endless with lots of new puppies ............  

Fuzzy - found together with Fi he's a little slip of a thing and SO easy, he doesn't bark 100% toilet trained and very happy to meet ad greet anything with 4 legs, including my cat! 


Fabian, Fraida, Fraya, Felix - all cute like you won't believe and completely different in colour and character. Adorable puppies and gorgeous all in foster and they'll be ready very soon and at our next adoption event. You can of course meet them earlier if you fill in and submit an adoption form ........... 


Fran she's adorable and loves her new life in foster, another x breeder. The attention she receives wherever she goes is lovely and all she deserves and more.  


Gandalf, Gerda, Giles, Guiness, Gretel - the siblings of the 'F' puppies. Yes a litter of 9 and so different one to another and the common factor? They're all gorgeous and in need of loving homes! Like to meet them ? They're all in one foster home I kid you not, our incredible foster parents are having quite a laugh while the pups get a new start and hopefully a new life.


See you soon - 10th and the 17th at the Peak Cafe, Shelley Street. Our puppies and more will be there - will you? I do hope so. Fill in an adoption questionnaire on line and speed up the process: https://www.kirstenszoo.com/adopt-foster/all-forms/dog-adoption-questionnaire