Cats for January 2019: the first month and we're off to a great start

Happy New Year to one and all. I hope you had a wonderful holiday and time with family and friends! It's a new year and we've started well with almost no cats; in fact, the lowest number since the charity started. If we had the same situation with the dogs wouldn't life be grand!


The lucky ones this month - We took in three kittens found in Sai Kung and they've all found homes.


Flora - the tabby was snapped up as expected just from her photo and she is loving her new home, life and all the attention for herself! She's a particularly stunning kitten with a personality to match 🐱


Ewan - he went to his new home after many offers to adopt him. We waited and we believed the couple who took him will suit his personality and he theirs. A win-win! Sorry to disappoint so many, however, we have to do the best we can for each and every cat! He's just gorgeous and has blossomed though still shy and not keen on noise of crowds - for him, a crowd is 4 people, but he has his quiet life and home and is happy😼


Marmalade - she was taken off the street after her friend Rolly was picked up. She missed her friend, however, after they were reunited the bond had already been broken. Both cats were fed for the longest time by the same people and when they took Marmalade home they weren't sure what to make of her. She wasn't a happy bunny and struggled to fit in with the resident cats, foster cats, and the household. However as is so often the case with rescue cats, time heals. She relaxed with each day and became happy, comfortable and generally content, at home I would say! That's exactly what it is as she'll be moving to the U.K in 2 weeks! She has everyone and the cat she loves with her 😽


Yahtzee - one of our most beautiful cats though still very scared of people, she LOVES cats. Well where she's going to live is pretty much cat paradise. Egbert is just one of the cats living there and there's more love and caring in that home than you could ever need. Way to go Yahtz and thanks again for adopting yet another cat from us. 😻


Sassy - this sweet little girl has been through a lot having had a chronic case of ear mites which went unnoticed for months. Her ears wee so bad they had to be flushed. Sadly, this has left her deaf which would explain her sometimes erractic behaviour and fear of humans. She's ever so fortunate that she found herself in a home with one of our adopters who has saved a few scared cats and dogs. Once again, she's been allowed to take her time and come round and the fearful pretty little girl ventures out and about to see what's going on in the other rooms. 😺 


Felicity & Fernando -  we thought they'd been adopted, but a strange twist of fate changed that. Black cats are beautiful and nobody ought to consider a colour over personalities. Better for our little ones as they've landed a wonderful home where their colour wasn't even mentioned. In fact, the only thing that was mentioned was "How soon can we pick them up, we love them" and that was from a photo only! 😸



We have few cats again and life is good. Only 4 newbies this month and only one left and that's Frederick, a lovely cat indeed and has interests. I doubt we'll have him next month. 


I want to thank our amazing team of fosters who give unselfhisly and repeatedly. They not only give up their time but so much more; they love those in their care and show it time and time again. Also our repeat adopters who have come back to us and continued to support us and our little quadrupeds. THANK YOU!


Cheers to Deki and Baymax at PAWTNERS for making us welcome and allowing us to do what we do so well. Thank you Emma, Vivien, John, Joanna, and Ida. See you next month and every third Sunday of the month or fill in a form and drop us a line if you can't make the adoption day.