23 Dec: Dog adoption Day and the Last of the Year

The last adoption day of the year and not without success, I'm thrilled to say! We are all hopeful that 2019 will be a great year for our animals and friends, followers, fosters and volunteers alike. We plan to continue with two dog adoption days a month and possibly do a puppy day too at PAWTNERS and three fun sale / mini adoption days at teakha. More to come on that next week - January!


Who has a new home ?

Cherry has made her way back to her very first foster home and family; she had no idea that Boxing day was going to be such a special day and the beginning of a new life. 🎄


Our cute puppy Ed was adopted the previous weekend and was at the adoption day with Emil for moral support- what an adorable duo🐶


Harriet the best of three - finally she was adopted and by me! I couldn't bear to see her overlooked again and so my little fat, dumpling Harry is to stay! I love her to bits .



As expected loads of interest in Elzan, but because of his quirk he is still with us and we are trying to work through the problem - fingers crossed🤞


Who are we hoping will have a new home soon? Well all of our dogs of course!

Digby looking amazing and enjoying his daily hikes, is more than ready for his new home and life. We just need to find the right fit, and someone who loves long walks.


Dinky, we hope to see in a home quite soon and though it may be a trial adoption, there's no reason why it won't become a permanent situation.



The three E's - Edward, Elmo and Elvis the 3 Doggeteers + Emil 

Four boys and something for everyone! They (3) walk well on the lead and love to go out and see the world. At home they'll happily play and cuddle up and nap. Adorable boys all available too if you'd like to meet them drop me a line.


Edward who is as bold as brass, and fearless too. He is by far the most confident - I love this puppy, he's such a character.


Elmo is less bold but equally adventurous; he is of course playful and fun and looks almost exactly like his brother Edward.


Elvis is the most calm of the three boys and looks different to his brothers too. 



Emil, though not related to the above, he is Ed's brother and a sweet, charming little guy and as cuddly as a puppy can be.


Rocky is a gentle boy who loves to cuddle up to you on the couch. He is such a docile one and will melt your heart.


Ms Maple the wonder dog, she has come so far and is improving all the time. She has huge ears and loves life and everyone she sees is a potential friend. She's quite strong and will need someone who can handle her which is actually easy as long as she gets plenty of exercise and play time. 


Martin, we were surprised to see Cherry go before him, but it just goes to show you that you never know what's just around the corner. He's such a happy boy and we know his day will come and soon. We want a friend for him though as he is so very social and loves his 4 and 2 legged friends equally.


If you'd like to see any of our dogs www.kirstenszoo.com, fill in an adoption form and we'll go from there. All the best to one and all for 2019 - see you on the 13th & 27th of January at the Peak Cafe, Shelley Street, Central for more adoptions and happy homes for our quadrupeds in need!