Teakha Sale and Puppy Adoption day


It was a really lovely event, we had such a laugh, lots of happy people and their gorgeous foster dogs and their own dogs too all getting into the festive spirit. Warm scones, cakes and a large variety of tea all in abundance. I think the photos speak for themselves don't you?

We raised money too over $6,000 and sold lots of our dog and cat paraphernalia which was exactly what we wanted. Also one of our little treasures (Ed) was adopted, though he can't go to his home yet as he's too young and needs to have more time with his brother Emil. He also has to have a check up, vaccination etc very soon. We are waiting to see if one or two more of the pups are going to be as fortunate as Ed.


Our hilarious puppy Edward stole the show with his antics, he played nonstop with his new friend who indulged him. Allowing him to sit on him, jump up and down all over him and swing off his face. It was far more entertaining than watching TV. That plus the Santa costumes with antlers, beards you name all being worn by the dogs some more willingly than others! 

Thank you to Nana and her staff at teakha for the great service and lots of smiles. 🥂 to our volunteers who once again gave up a day off and did a great job all round. John n Joanna, Tiffany and Suzanne who got stuck with the mad puppy Edward. 

Leif and Emma who will both be leaving HK soon, you'll be missed by many and remembered for all the help, support and for fostering and more 

🎄 Merry Christmas to everyone and we hope to see you all at our next event. We're looking forward to 2019 and we wish you all the best of the best now and always! 🥂