Cats - December and Christmas Adoptions



Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a healthy, happy, fortuitous New Year to one and all. Enormous thanks to Deki & Baymax for hosting our cat adoption events and making us welcome. 

We'll be at PAWTNERS next year and on the third Sunday of each and every month - everyone is welcome to stop by.

Thanks to Steve (Uriah gallery) our photographer and friend, for giving up your time (and believe me he has so very little) and taking some of the most beautiful photographs.



Did you know a group of cats is called a 'Clowder' and a group of kittens is a 'Kindle'

What a remarkable month once again; our adopters happy to do a trial as suggested by us to ensure it was a good match and it worked. So who found homes this month?

Who found homes?🎄

Tabatha - her trial is over and she is staying put. Yay! Selina is accepting her more and more. Another of the 47 cats from our sanctuary loved and in a forever home!


Utah - finally he has a loving home with people who have and will continue to care for him. He is such a lovable cat who gets under your skin. He is one of the most friendly, lovable cats who was in such a shocking state due to neglect  - it's pretty amazing he's alive.


Didi - though still shy, she has a loving family willing to give her the time required to settle and get over her and past - thank you Herrick. I think she fits like a glove with your lovely kitten.


Balu & Bilbo - trial over after only 3 days, and they are home and staying put! Happy days and many more of them. Another success and happy cats and people. 


Doris - we found mum a place to call her own and the freedom to be herself. Her 3 kittens - have been homed and are staying together, what a fantastic outcome. The 2 boys and a girl will never know just how lucky they are as their lives just got better from the day we got them. Born in a home only one day after mum came to us, phew it was close.............


Daisy - though she isn't the easiest cat, especially when she decides to bite. Thankfully her new mum fostered her and has learned to read the signs and together they're sorting out her behaviour. Now she's happier, the biting has almost stopped. Like so many cats they just need time, love and lots of both.


Candice - at last our little girl has her forever home and with her foster mum who loves her. She is the last of 11 we took over a month and a special girl who mothered many of the 11. Now she has all the attention to herself and she is LOVING it.


Dexter - our wonderful boy though he has FIV he went on trial today and we feel pretty sure he'll stay put ........... watch this space. He was an absolute star at the vet yesterday and had his health check and update. He's gained weight and looks amazing. Merry Christmas little one!


Egg or Egbert - he's looking gorgeous and will go to his new home today and be one of a few cuddly happy cats living with a very cat family on Lamma.


Merry Christmas to you all and huge thanks for helping us through this difficult year, our cats have been so well cared for and our fosters, supporters and volunteers made that possible! 

See you in January 2019! Ho ho ho ... lets hope our cats can continue to find such wonderful homes.


Thank you,