Cats this month - November

We've had another great month with a few of our long term cats as well as new arrivals finding (we hope) everlasting happiness. Just before Christmas too when we need all the homes we can find but they have to be purrrfect just like our cats ha ha🐱

Who found homes?


Charlie & Lola - this was a wonderful surprise and perfect timing. These two haven't had a bad time, in fact they've had the best foster family any cat could have. However, fosters aren't forever and Charlie & Lola were about to be homeless again when bingo 💕 a wonderful home came up and it's just perfect for them! This made our day, week, year yippeeeeeeeeeeee be happy you lovely cats!

Daniella - She was in foster for less than 36 hours when her foster decided she wasn't prepared to let her go, and so she stayed. From the government kennels to a loving home - it's perfect.

Dolly & Dimple - As expected our little, sweet ones have their forever home. They'll have all the love in the world and a a cat family and kids too and just in time for Christmas when there will be a tree to climb and decorations to destroy!

Dulcie - Such a beautiful girl and a personality to match, as expected there were many interests; however, as we work on a first come first serve basis she's gone to the first couple who saw her and she fits like a glove!

Heather - Foster to foster as she was never officially adopted but she is now YAY - the last of 14 cats we took a few years ago. We can now finally close that chapter. Happy new life Heather -  you are a beautiful cat and will be happy once more!

Winny & Winona - This was a wonderful day when our gorgeous girls were finally adopted. They went through a lot together including health problems (x breeding cats). Now all that is behind them and they can start again. A new home, life and together. Huge thanks to their past fosters who all worked so hard to get them here! You did it 😻😻 yay!


Trial adoptions -


Bilbo & Balu - they'll go this weekend and we know they'll be given every opportunity to settle and be happy - watch this space. I think they'll settle and enjoy their new parents and life. A happy day for everyone though bitter sweet for their lovely fosters who still have Yudo.

Didi - She too is on trial as we want to be sure she fits with the resident cats. We're pretty confident she will as she loves cats and cat company, but they have to love her too.

Newbies - 


Doris's 3 kittens - Doris isn't ready to be a home cat yet,  but we are hopeful that once her kittens leave the nest she'll relax and have more acceptance of people. Two of her kittens are already spoken for. Watch this space for the third little treasure who will be in need of a loving home.

Egbert - Egg for short, what a lovely little kitten he is. He missed the last adoption day but will be there at the next one, available at anytime to be seen of course.

Enzo - He's still a bit scared and hasn't settled as quickly as we had hoped, but he'll get there. He's not aggressive he just needs time. Cats will be cats and we have to accept them and give them whatever we can until they feel happy once again. 

Ewan - He's the most scared, he'll eat from your hand but won't allow you to pick him up. When cats and kittens come from AFCD they are often terrified for some time. I think being caught in a net would be enough to terrify anyone not only a little kitten. Time heals all .............


Still looking for homes - 


Candice - She's a beauty and she will be a lovely home cat. Loves to be loved and would make anyone smile with her adorable little face and behaviour.

Daisy - she's come leaps and bounds in her foster home and is certainly making up for the lack of attention. She's ready if you are ?

Dexter - He's the friendliest cat, loves attention and all the love he can get. He'd be the perfect family cat as he's so gently.

Marmalade - What a delightful cat, she's a beauty too - all she needs for Christmas is a loving home, oh she deserves just that. Would you like to meet her? 

Pia - She's still rather aloof and likes to keep check on everyone and thing around her but at a distance. She likes the space and all the home comforts and yet she's still not ready to take that final step. Maybe next year ?

Yahtzee - She's such a beautiful cat but even though she will allow her fosters near her, she's still more interested in her cat friend. She is washed, groomed and cleaned daily and loves every minute.

Yudo - He could have joined Bilbo & Balu at our cat adoption day; however, his fosters and I decided he ought to wait a little longer and enjoy time to himself. He is ready to go to a home - we just want the right home. 

Enormous thanks to Deki and Baymax for their help on adoption days - you make us all so welcome. Thanks as always to our tireless volunteers and fosters who make it all happen, without you we simply couldn't do what we do so well! And of course thank you to our adopters who we trust with our precious cats!

See you next month on the 16th of December for our last adoption day of the year. If you'd like to see any of our cats, please contact us asap and we'll make it happen!