All Things Cat

We may not have had an adoption day this month but we were still able to home a few cats and kittens. We're looking forward to more confirmations too, we have a few on trial and of course interests coming in as fast as cats and kittens!

Our last day at Whiskers n Paws saw nothing homed and it's a long time since we didn't home at an adoption event. However Matilda, Abby and Wilma were placed independently and are thriving.

Since moving to a new venue, we've been very busy readying ourselves in preparation for the 7th and 21st of October when we'll do two adoption days. We've been rather busy on the homing front which is wonderful and just what we needed! 

Huge thanks to all of you who have helped with the transition, to all our friends, followers and most importantly foster families without who we couldn't do what we do so well!


August Adoptions -

Abby - this pretty little one went through the wars with a prolapsed rectum. It took time to heal, but heal it did thanks to the constant care and attention of her foster and of course the vet at Acorn. Today she's a very healthy, happy little girl. She's spoiled and adored as all cats ought to be! 


Matilda- her sibling killed by a snake and though people offered to take her, they were refused.  Matilda was neglected and not fed well either right up to the last week before they finally left the territory. I finally got her because I gave an ultimatum... now or never! Those who tried to help Matilda (not us) were treated with contempt and accused of all manner of things! All I can say is thank god I saved for from a horrible life and person! Poor cat and a sad story, but with a happy ending.


Wilma - Our princess was adopted, she went to a home where she continues to be treated like royalty! She's quite a character and a very happy single cat as all the attention is for her and she's as happy as a clam. Her nasty breeding days long behind her and love and good food now on the menu!


September adoptions - 

Anna - such a lovely easy creature, she was ever so popular with everyone who met her. She has a gorgeous family, 2 children who will grow up loving their first cat. An ex-breeder cat who will have a happy life and all the attention she's missed and no doubt longed for.


Beryl one of the most playful, entertaining cats and a total charmer, she could charm the birds from the trees! In a new home with a cat Beryl has been with other cats and can amuse herself with a cat, a person or pretty much anything, even a hair clip. Her new potential friend (also adopted from us) hasn't had the same background and we aren't even sure how much time if any, she spent with a cat or cats. All we can do is wait and hope they decide they can be friends ......... and it seems to be happening , YAY!


Bob & Barbara the adorable duo got to stay together in the end and they are thriving. Not sure if they've met the resident cat yet but it'll certainly be interesting when they do. I have the feeling the kittens will be all over her like a rash - oops oh such fun!


Casper & Charlie - they were very fortunate and chosen over a few other pairs of kittens to live with 2 dogs mellow, pretty laid back dogs. As it turns out the cats have no fear of the dogs, in fact its the other way round the dogs are scared of the kittens ha ha lets see what happens next. The kittens have no idea the dogs aren't cats or scared and they're jumping on them and flying round the house at high speed - oh my! Hoping this will change and soon.  


Chippy & Charles - who would have been the first adoptions in our new venue had it not been for a typhoon. Well they got their home anyway, it just took a couple of days longer. They're delightful and have a great home and a happy future. They're 2 of the 8 kittens we've been slowly taking in and moving on to lucky adopters - the last two are coming soon the other 6 - adopted YAY.


Christopher - he arrived with his siblings (as above) and before we knew it he was off to his forever home. A home any pet would want with an older cat, not to mention the best dog Amy, plus a family all animal lovers. 

Connie - no surprise she was adopted, she's adorable and that's why. A kitten anyone would want as she is the purrrect kitten!


Cora & Cyrus - they were barely with us but their playful adoration for each other melted hearts and they found themselves a home. Off they went and we know the children already LOVE LOVE LOVE them as we did.


Zena- she spent a few weeks in the cat room in Whiskers n Paws where she barely moved other than to eat and use the litter tray. We moved her to a foster home and she blossomed. Within a couple of weeks she was out and about,  not too long later she was interacting and accepting pats and more attention. Once again the love and care given by a foster family gave her a second chance at happiness.




Alfred - he's settling in and adjusting to life in a home, he has a wonderfully patient family who have given him all the time her needs. They want him to be a part of the family as much as I believe he wants to be. We are all rather excited when we receive updates and hear how happy he is ............ watch this space!


Sassy - after many months in foster we finally found her a place where she just might fit. Sassy's new place has a cat and two dogs for company - oh and a person of course! She also has all the time in the world to come round and join the clan which she will have to at some point. We aren't worried about her as she's already out and about and slowly checking out the family. Fingers and toes crossed she's found her niche!


We look forward to seeing you on the 7th and again on the 21st at PAWTNERS on First Street in Sai Ying Pun - all details on the website where you can see our available cats/kittens and complete the adoption form online. You can also email me This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have any further questions. 

A new month, a new venue and a new kitten or cat for you to take home. See you soon!