Dog Adoptions - June 2018 🐕🏠

It's been a hot, wet month and with the World Cup taking centre stage we were happy for the few adoptions. Not everyone likes football thankfully and quite a few people came to say Hi and have a cuddle, with the dogs of course! I personally hate football, give me rugby any day and yet I seem to be a minority ......

Who found a place to call home?

Mary - who recently lost her lifetime friend, her brother Bear. Well their foster mum couldn't adide seeing her advertised especially after losing her brother and so she decided it was a better, kinder option to offer her a retirement home and so she stays and can see out her days in comfort. She's becoming more frail and her legs stiff however at least she has pain meds and everything she needs or could want. Way to go Mary and thank you Dawn!

Yves & Yvonne - I didn't doubt we'd find them a home as they are delightful, amusing creatures. However I really did dread separating them, I was determined to keep them together and guess what HOORAY we found them a wonderful home. It took but a day for them to make their new home very much their own. With each photo you can see the difference, they gain confidence and their happiness visible. I swear you'd never know they hadn't always lived there.

Kara - No it's not a joke it's really happening, she's finally been adopted. She's not been collected yet as Vernon the cat had to settle in first which I can attest to he certainly has. Now it's Karas turn and we hope she's as happy as her new family are. We'll have to wait and see, it's a big deal for us we all love her and she's been overlooked so often, too often. Every dog has his/her day just ask Kara.

Carter - Our lovely old boy with more health problems that 4 dogs together has found himself a home. Now this was a surprise at least, a miracle and time to crack open the champagne bottles Kara and Carter WOW! Not only a home but a home full of Pugs as he'll be.

Yolo - Little sweety that he is, finally landed himself a home designed with him in mind. Well f I didn't know better I would really have believed so. Never alone, with other dogs all bigger than him, great walks, playtime, his own chair next to dads end of the sofa and cuddles till Christmas. Oh and no Poodles anywhere ha ha. W managed to find the perfect match again yippeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Zane - it wasn't surprising that Zane was the first of the three x breeders to go as he is a very, very, calm affectionate dog. He looked good on the outside anyway however he had to have 10-11 teeth out and had a shocking ear infection and skin issue. After being in foster where he was very happy he went to a new home. A family with two children who absolutely LOVE him as do mum and dad. He may be 12 but he's got a life and all the love in the world available to him.

Kato - our chameleon found a home too and though it's sad he couldn't stay with his mum I know his new family will be ideal, perfect for Taco. We have an extremely excited 13 year old with his first time pet and his dream pet too.


Who lost their homes?

Beautiful Ms Molly, only 8 months old and in need of a home already. Can't tell you how lovely she is, a gentle soul who is incredibly well behaved, toilet trained and oh so loving.

Iris is such a little darling, she may only have three legs but what a delightful creature. Of course toilet trained she's smart and stunning!

Zeno is smallest and youngest of the three boys, he's with a family and relishes the attention and love he gets from the kids. He'll make a lovely friend for a lucky person/family.

Zander who looks like Zeno though is more outgoing and thinks his new foster home is the absolute best. No kidding after years of misery he has maintained a cheerful, happy disposition who loves a cuddle and a soft cushion.

Zeta - another gentle, somewhat confused little Pug girl left on a street corner with nothing, no collar, no water nada! People can be so incredibly cruel - any organisation would likely have said yes. Bad people do disgusting things .......


Who still needs a home?

Jessie, Lady, Asia, Salvadore, Crystal, Harriet, Sisi, Toby, Gene, Jaga, Iris, Molly, Zeno, Zander, Zeta - each and every one of these dogs is available and you can come and meet them with their foster families in their homes. It's a natural comfortable environment where you can see the good and naughty side. All can be seen on the website too so please take a look and contact us as soon as................




 Look forward to seeing you all on the 8th and 22nd of this month! Come and join us for a cold drink and a cuddle with the dogs.

As always thank you big time to Suzanne & Monica who organise the event and of course The staff at the Peak Cafe, our photographers Carmen and Catherine and our volunteers, friends and fosters! Together we give so many dogs the opportunity to find a home and while they wait they get love and attention in abundance. Come and see for yourselves .....