Cat Adoptions - June 2018 🐈🏠

It was a quiet day, Father's day and there were no more than 4 dads visible, or that I counted. Not too many people in general either as it was a long weekend and a long day too!

What happened and who found homes?

Sally - she made herself at home and to our surprise has given Raspberry a run for her money and I do mean literally! Mum hears them charging round chasing each other in the middle of the night, not during the day as they're sound asleep then! She's a very lucky kitten and we were surprised but thrilled.

Vernon - He's absolutely adorable and very much a house cat. Look how helpful he is in the home - he does the ironing, and even checks if you've cleaned the loo properly! He carries and moves things around to keep you on your toes. We're delighted he has found a home.   

York and Yam - their marking like their mum (Yvette) quite beautiful as are they. There just aren't enough positive adjectives to describe kittens like these two. They're happy as are we with a lovely home and together. Their new mum and Yvette's mum are friends so there's a good chance they'll be seeing more of each other. 

Yumi - she was barely with us a day, I thought she'd be a good match for a family who were looking for a match for their young cat and dog. Off she went and though a little shy initially she settled in beautifully. Last I saw she was curled up with the cat having followed the dog round the flat with curious interest - it's a great match!

Yvette - our stunning, tiny probably first time mum has a delightful home. As well as very patient parents who went through a few sleepless nights, marking and yelling when she was in season (ugh) thankfully it's over and they are all heaving a huge sigh of relief Aaahhh! Peace prevails .............


Thank you all for adopting from us and for those of you who are on holiday but hoping to adopt, contact us on your return. We'll always have cats ...... There's the right cat for everyone, it's just a case of putting them together!


Who need homes? Take a look...

Zipper, Zelda and Zena - Welcome our three cats to the cat adoption centre at Whiskers n Paws - they're enjoying the space and attention they get but they are available for adoption too. Meet Zipper the big tabby boy and his girls Zelda and Zena who are just as lovely and deserving.



We then have three pairs looking for forever homes

Charlie and Lola - a stunning young pair, siblings and as lovely as cats can be, laid back and adorable.

Eliza and Clover - they're just perfect, only 2 years old and super friendly and affectionate.

Winny and Winona - these two are a delight, highly amusing and playful. Their days of breeding over they are loving life.


Our older cats

Berty - Our lovely, laid back older boy.

Utah - Our handsome, cartoon like cat.

Nina - our older lady who loves a cuddle.

Santa Paws - Another curious, charming boy

Pia - Showing how gentle and lovely she is.



Our younger models

Nik Nak - a gorgeous, real cuddly lap cat and your bff likes to be the only cat.

Wanda - as pretty as a picture with a sprinkle of character and cheeky thrown in.

Yemen - a stunning cat, he's really blossoming also best as a single cat.



Updates on Yudo the miracle cat coming up too.

We have more and more coming in all the time, come and take a look at our adoption days or - facebook KirstensZooCharity -Instagram kirstenszoo or call me 55951933.

Many thanks to our fosters, volunteers and followers - have a great summer if you are away and see you next month if you aren't.

As always a huge thanks to Whiskers n Paws staff for helping us help them!

All the cats are available for you to see in their foster homes after you complete an adoption form, or pop by to see us and them at Whiskers 'n' Paws on the third Sunday of every month!