Dog Adoptions - May 2018 🐕🏠

This month was Wendy's last month doing adoption events, she will still be in HK for a while, however heading to Singapore ✈️. She'll be missed for sure and not just by us, the dogs and cats who have been rescued, cared for, fostered and even adopted will miss her too. 

We wish you all the best in the world Mrs, and may you always have a 🐶 by your side, and a 💲 dollar in your pocket to pay for his food! Haha.

We had a reasonable month with some older dogs and some youngsters too finding homes. Life really is full of surprises... I think we all know, however for me when a longer term, older, larger animal under our care is adopted, it really is cause for celebration!

Our celebration is for Paige our senior GSD who had been with us for almost a year. When an enquiry came in we were all truly happy, all except her foster dad that is, who realised he'd become more than a little fond of her, and though she has many odd, weird and interesting quirks, they simply make her endearing. And so she stayed put instead, and is oblivious to what could have been. She and Captain Underpants, aka Max, continue to cohabit comfortably. She literally walks over him when he's asleep or awake in his bed - completely oblivious of him even being there. He initiates play with her which still doesn't work, and yet he still tries. He goes to the pub with dad while she stays home and watches TV! They're like an old married couple with a human in the mix to keep life interesting. Thank you Christian once again for adopting number 3, and doing sooo much to help Jaga too. Happy new dog, again 💗.


The lovely family who initially wanted to adopt Paige ended up adopting little Mee Mee. Mee mee I've known since she was a puppy and saw her almost daily, however due to a domestic situation which was unresolvable she joined us at the adoption day and found a home within an hour! This was not as much a surprise, as she is the cutest little creature with mounds of personality and as cute as a button. The son of the family fell in love with her instantly, and even though his sister wanted Paige, not a small dog, when I told her Paige's foster would happily keep Paige she graciously agreed to let her brother have Mee Mee! I have to say what lovely children, so well-behaved and nice to each other. I certainly wasn't that nice to my little brother growing up haha 😏

Vinny was in a lovely foster where he shared space with another poodle. Finally, his number came up and he went into a home and all for himself. Two people to dote on him and give him all he wants and spoil him, of course he's as happy as can be, he's loving it! Way to go Vinny, at last you have the love you deserve. 

Volvo was only at two adoption events, though he was bounced around from foster to foster until he landed in the right place with the right people. He is such a lovely puppy and we were ecstatic when after less than 24 hours in a new foster, they decided to keep him. He's settling in beautifully and the children love him, and they have great fun swimming, running with mum and generally loving life. Thank you SO much for giving him a chance at a stable, happy life! 💚

The next little man, a favourite of many was in a shocking state when he arrived and it has taken months to get him back to good health and complete his heartworm treatment - Ulric. As well as all of that, he found a wonderful home too and just around the corner so I get to see him YaY. He has two gorgeous Pugs to share his life with. Though he's a bit too amorous with the girl, she knows how to keep him in his place even if she is half his size! A perfect fit and a perfect home for this special dog 💙 

A Rabbit called Bunny - she went to a great home which was so good to see. She has certainly found everything she could ever want, especially after being dumped in a garbage collection point. It's a rags to riches story for sure!😚

Waffle - he's the absolute best and such a funny, animated guy. He is in heaven and is loved like you wouldn't believe. He's a big hit in the area where he lives and is loved and adored by everyone he comes into contact with. Another happy end for a dog in need 🎈

We are looking for more volunteers for our dog adoption days! If you are 16+ please do get in touch and email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for a volunteer form! We need fosters too, as it's the summer holidays and lots of our regular fosters go away. Kindly fill in a foster form here if you can help, or let us know! See you on the 24th!