R.I.P Stan

Last weekend, last week too was stressful. Yeah, I know every week is stressful doing what we do, however, I sensed that Stan wasn't doing so well - the seizures had started to increase again. Stan was happy and loved, and I truly believe he'd found the ultimate happiness in a little 5 year old boy; he found a friend, an ally and a companion. 

Stan was born in April 2011, but we haven't a lot of history other than what we were told when he came to us. That in itself was shocking, as we were told he was retarded! Of course, this is nonsense, he was in fact suffering from epilepsy. This was Stan when we first got him:

Stan was never free from the debilitating clusters which reduced him to a twitching, confused, terrified shell. Two days later he'd bounce back, but at least once a month he endured more than I can bear to imagine, and we lost a little bit more of him.

Tragically, in his last and probably happiest foster home, his best friend developed an allergy to him. Our little star took daily meds even though his eyes were red and swollen, his nose running constantly; he wanted to spend time with Stan. He pushed him around in his pram, played with him, he hugged and cuddled him non-stop, they even played tag. Stan even lost weight - WOW! 


Over 48 hours last week Stan had 8+ seizures, he was snapping aggressively, urinating while stumbling and crashing into furniture, oblivious to what was going on around him or even who was there. And with his best friend having developed an allergy to him, I decided it was time to let him go. 

Two of his past fosters agreed it was time and so, on Saturday 2nd June, with his best friend stroking his nose, his mum Heidi and me around him, he passed away quietly and peacefully. Thank you Heidi and your son who is an absolute joy. You gave Stan possibly the best last 3 weeks. 


Thank you to Beth and David who had him for the longest time. For so many months you gave up on your own lives to help care for Stan. Thank you also to Amanda, Ida, and all those who donated towards his ongoing costs.

He was loved by many and will be remembered fondly, R.I.P Stan.