Cat Adoptions - April & May 2018 🐈🏠

After a couple of months away, it was lovely to come back to see our gorgeous cats. There have been a lot of changes at Whiskers 'n' Paws too with a new coffee shop right next to the cat area - nice for us to grab a cold juice or a coffee.

While I was away, a few of our cats found homes but weren't mentioned yet, so I'd like to give them their due as well as promote the charity and tell you a little bit about the adoption process with us.

Although we have had to increase our adoption fee as the price of medicine and vet services has increased, we still offer a better deal than most, if not all other charities, and a more personal service too. 

Our cats receive 2 vaccinations, Frontline x 2, worming x 2, microchip and desex (including painkillers) all for $1,500. This also includes health checks and your questions answered with every vet visit by the vet, not to mention our time and knowledge if you need anything. We really do try to make adopting a cat as easy and as pleasant as is possible. We do our best to select a cat or cats to suit you and your lifestyle and of course your other pets if you have any. 

So who was chosen back in April

Vera - Soooo many people wanted her but we were waiting for the perfect fit, and find it we did! A lovely cat and how wonderful to see her in home to match, way to go Vera!

Winston & Wilbur - partners in crime and, like all kittens, little cuties. We love to see them as they grow and change and we're looking forward to the photos.!

Willow - She landed and made herself very much at home. After a couple of ups and downs, the resident cat accepted this sometimes annoying creature. It could have gone either way, but thankfully peace prevails and mum, our adopter and volunteer, has her dream come true. An adorable little girl to go with her large boy Mango! 

Wally & Walnut - two little nuts in a shell and they got to stay together, they have a lovely home and family. Can't wait to see how they grow and change.

Twix - having fostered her myself I was particularly happy to see her calm, gain confidence, and become a more relaxed and happy kitten. She got lucky as she has a companion, a home and a family who gave her all the time she needed to adjust and gain confidence.

And, who went this month, who arrived and who is in need? Take a look....


Vindi - Lovely Vindy never left her finders home; her rescuer and kind foster mum adopted her! She's one fortunate cat, who will receive the best of everything!

Yara & Yoshi - Our perfectly adorable kittens were adopted without even being seen. That's how sure the family were that these little treasures were right for them. They are of course loved to bits and we want so much for their siblings to be adopted soon too!

Nicolas - He wasn't happy in his original adoptive home, but he certainly is now in his new home. He walked in and it was as though he had always lived there. He's a ridiculously chilled, happy cat and will make his way to the UK next year. Yay!

Edie & Ziggy - They were returned to us (we always take our cats back) when their dad lost his job and had to leave HK quickly. Thankfully, they have been chosen and are off to live with a new family and two older girls who are super excited. Lets hope they are able to stay for the rest of their natural lives.

Patches - Patches - our sanctuary cat who had been with us for over 5 years finally found her place, ironically with another cat adopted from us, Ms Nala. They've found friendship and solace in each other and it doesn't get better than that. Patches was very vocal initially but once she met Nala all was well and quiet!

Newbie cats

Yumi - she came to us and went straight to a home, a trial adoption. A lot to take on with two boys, a cat, and a dog - all very friendly but still scary for any new addition.

Yatzhee - she came from AFCD and was said to be both pretty and friendly. Pretty yes, however I think 'traumatised' is a better word to describe this 6 month old youngster! Now in a foster (sharing space with Yudo) where she has as long as she needs and as long as it takes to relax and get over her terrifying experience. Picked up on the street, she was and will be friendly when she's no longer fearful.

Yani - a gorgeous looking cat who has been ignored most of her life and is now starting all over, small steps. She's friendly and wants to interact, however taking that final step will take courage. Let's hope her new foster family can give her that time.

Yemen - he's a handsome one and had a lovely home lined up until he tested positive for FIV; his adopter has a cat. Now in foster, like Yani (they came from the same place), he has been ignored though he is very, very sweet. He too needs time to be a friend and to make friends, but he's so gentle I don't think this one would hurt a fly.

Yvette - she's the mother of our strikingly beautiful ginger kittens, and very kittenish herself as she's young. This was probably her first or second pregnancy, it's her last anyway. Very affectionate, friendly and loves attention too, she's a really cuddly one and one of our most friendly.

York & Yam - the boys are a fantastic little duo and everything you could want in kittens. They've had their first vaccinations and the basics done and are thriving and eating like there's no tomorrow. They're ready to go home. Sadly, their initial adopter was allergic and so they're still in foster waiting to be swept up and cuddled for life. Hope they get to go soon as they need to be enjoyed at this young age - 8 weeks is such an enjoyable time.

Most in need:

We'd love to see some of our longer term cats find a loving forever home -

Berty - we've had him for over a year now and at 14 he's an easy enough cat, he just needs love, food and cuddles!
Santa - he's continued to blossom in his foster home and his true personality has finally come through - he is a gem!
Pia - still a little shy, but she is really shining in her new foster home with their cat.
Utah - I love this cat, he's gorgeous, and even though diabetic it's not hard to care for him. He has specialised food and insulin and in return for this you'll have a friend for life. 
Vernon - he's young, handsome, friendly and available, though who knows why, he's the best and he loves other animals and people of course.
Eliza & Clover - they are such adoring cats and so deserving of love. They really need a home having been given up due to allergies.
Charlie & Lola - Another month and they're still in foster and still lovely - if only someone else could see that, how strange that is!



All the cats are available for you to see in their foster homes after you complete an adoption form, or pop by to see us and them at Whiskers 'n' Paws on the third Sunday of every month!