Happy Endings For Our 3 GSD Puppies!

We were able to rescue three of what we later found out was eleven German Shepherd puppies born to a home breeder. We got two boys and one girl, the brothers are very much alike - agile, bouncy and large, almost 5kg heavier than their sister. Should they ever meet again it would be a sight to behold! The common factor among all three is that they are all stunning, gentle with children, and incredibly friendly to everyone and everything. We successfully homed all three, and want to share their stories!


The first was a girl who was born with a foot missing. Most probably it was due to the umbilical cord getting wrapped around the tiny leg, cutting off the blood supply. Dogs, unlike us, accept what and how things are, this was all she knew and it didn't hamper her in any way from doing what her siblings did - play, mess about, wrestle and generally have fun a simple puppy life. You may know her by the name of Prue, as that's what we called her when we took her in. Her adopters renamed her Angele.


As she began to grow, and as we know puppyies grow like weeds, she struggled not to try to use the fourth leg, causing the stump to bleed. At 3.5 months, she was already near to 14 kg, so the weight being unevenly distributed made it harder for her to balance herself. A number of attempts and a variety of methods were employed to save the leg from amputation. Sadly, though not surprisingly, it became impossible to stop the stump from getting infected. That plus the task of stopping a young, extremely active, puppy from trying to play and run riot, caused the final decision to be made - her leg was amputated.  It was the correct decision and her recovery was relatively quick and easy. It slowed her down initially, though not for long!

She's now 9 months old and 25kg  (considerably smaller than her two brothers). Her ability to tear around at full speed is pretty impressive, she has an expensive quirk... eating and demolishing the furniture. She is costing $2,000 a week in dog beds! She, through her parents, is now well-known by the staff in the large pet supplies stores throughout HK! 


She has the face of an angel and the mind of a devil, that's Angele! She has to be one of the most spoilt, adored, destructive monsters I know. I call her the "Hells Angel", but when you look at her beautiful face and she stares right into you, you understand why she gets away with it all. She is happy, and that is what matters!!


He's the biggest of the three and now weighs over 30kg. He's a gentle, funny, scaredy cat, with a thunderous bark that would shake a building. He was adopted by Angele's original foster and adopter of Lola. They loved Angele but knew she wasn't the best fit with Lola also being a female, and their really active lifestyle. When I mentioned I had a boy and he needed a home too, they jumped at the chance.

Alfonso is almost triple Lola's size, however she is still the boss, it's hilarious to see! They are great friends and share most things including large sticks and branches which they hang onto and drag around the trails. One of the hardest things for him was to navigate the spiral staircase in their flat, where he successfully got stuck on occasion and stood looking dismayed until someone came to save him!


His quirks: he nips bottoms, he likes to sleep upside down - legs akimbo, head to the side and tongue lolling out of his mouth, if he gets told off he whimpers - he knows he's been naughty! 

He had a few training sessions as mum and dad were concerned about his size once he grew older. He was and is a great pupil, he learned fast and much impressed his mum! He's a lucky boy and he knows it.



Blue landed firmly in a lovely foster home where he had Lexi, a smaller mixed breed, to keep him in check and though half his size, Lexi did a great job! Even when Blue got so big she had to start standing on the sofa to play at his height! They had a great time together and played night and day, too much at times, and had to be separated to allow mum to get some sleep. 


Blue was then chosen by a friend and long-time GSD owner to be a playmate for their 1-year-old female GSD in Singapore. They flew to HK just to meet him, and of course fell in love on the spot! Having a young child, they needed to be sure of his temperament and he was perfect. His play with dogs was and still is quite different to that of a child, he instinctively knows his strengths and adapts!

He flew to Singapore in early December, he was 22kg and scared boy. He'd never been alone or without another dog, let alone on a plane. He arrived safely and was still scared, shy and confused, all of which melted in a matter of a few days as he met his new BFF's Jasmine and Ellie. He gravitated towards the child and had days of fun playing with the racing cars and following him everywhere. It was like a dinosaur following an ant - so funny to watch! He's very popular at the local 'doggy day care' but not just with the dogs. He's the gentle giant and always ready for a hug!


A wonderful pet and a handsome, 29.5kg well-natured dog. His quirk? He eats every other day and all manner of tests, foods, you name it, have shown he's healthy, but simply doesn't want to eat every day? He's come along way in both distance and ability, he's really well-trained and obedient, well... most of the time! 


...So three beautiful dogs and the perfect homes - we can only hope the other eight were as fortunate!