Dog Adoptions - January 2018 🐶🏠

We had an easy month; we were able to move most of our dogs to fosters or homes without too much trouble. If only it were always that way! We had some very homeable dogs though, we still do really but we are just waiting for the right person(s)!

Who found the right person(s) this month?

Ruby - given that she's an amazing dog, and other dogs love her as much as she loves them, it's not surprising she's adopted. Her new bff is a dog adopted from us a couple of years ago and they seem to play, play and play some more, which is just what we hoped for - two happy dogs! 

Skittles - such an adorable little dog and even after having most of her teeth removed it didn't change how cute she is. Now in a real home to call her own with a partner to share space and time with. Adorable little ones look so good together.

Sophie - she couldn't have got a better home if she tried - in a very short time she's gone from being a scared, skittish youngster, to a confident, outgoing, happy dog. The best thing that happened to her was being given up, she's living life to the full now with hikes, runs, and all the attention.  It's just what she and any dog would want.

Simon - this dear, little dog came to us in the worst state imaginable after years of neglect. Blind, deaf in one ear, a mere sprinkling of hair because of a skin infection, dry eyes and on and on it goes. Well, as if we needed proof of the pudding, 'There's the right dog for everyone, it's just a question of getting them together' - our motto rings true once again, as our sweet Simon went off to live out his days with a person who adores him and who he adores. They even go shopping together, he sits in the basket on the front of the bike feeling the breeze, and probably shivering like the rest of us.

Tamsin - she was a bit unsure initially being moved again, however once the children initiated a ball game she was in her glory. Children to play games with, all her fears dissolved and her new life began. Last time I saw her she was upside down on the bed sound asleep... I think she's home! 

Thierry - our gorgeous little Ewok who came with Tamsin was snapped up straight away, probably because he's the most adorable little creature ever - he's one of those dogs you want to cuddle and kiss and make silly noises at. He has a home to call his own and a family who are willing to accept his quirks and give him the time he needs to adjust to his new life. 

Tabatha - the first of our three, new, gorgeous pups to find her forever home and she has made herself very much at home instantly - she's thriving. She loves the resident dog and they are tiring each other out wonderfully... result!

Dogs still looking for their forever homes - They don't have to be adopted in pairs, some are just together in foster homes or staying at the same kennels.

Sisi & Toby - still in kennels and sharing a kennel, where they no doubt feel is home having lived there for their entire lives. They are toilet-trained (never mess in their kennel), well-behaved siblings who, like so very many, have been overlooked again and again. We're going to make this year their year - they're long overdue the love and attention from someone they can call their person/s.

Crystal & Harriet - They are in foster together with me (Kirsten) and my pack. These two would be fantastic together or with any other dog(s). They are such humorous girls and raise a smile daily with their silly antics. I can't praise them enough for being so easy-going and gentle. It's not always easy with multiple dogs rallying for your time and attention, and yet they wait patiently for their turn at getting a pat and cuddle.


Tilly & Tarquin - they are sooo gorgeous and their personalities match their appearances. They are siblings to Tabatha, so you can see all three look very different. The common bond being their friendly demeanor and of course, mum! In foster, but not together, and growing like weeds. Before their fosters come to an end we need to push our pretty pups and hope they will find forever loving homes like their sister. Up to date with vaccinations, frontline, chip etc, they have been given a clean bill of health. They are adorable and available and ready to be seen any time!

Jessie & Stan - an odd combination perhaps, and yet dogs are SO much more easy-going than people, not to mention not judgemental. They are in foster together, sharing space, and walks - Stan in his pram while Jessie walks alongside trying not to know him, haha funny to see. In the dog park they will associate once more and run around doing what dogs do best, play! They're like the odd couple but lovely, lucky dogs and both looking for their chance at forever!


Asia & Jaga - These two aren't sharing a kennel but they are in the same one, and boy it's cold up there. Jaga has started his new training, more controlled walking and interactive play. We are hopeful he will be happier as he really needs stimulus and we are doing what we can to give him that. Moving of course in the direction of finding him a foster home or a loving forever home. Asia isn't doing so well in kennels, having never been anywhere other than a home it's a hard adjustment for her. We are trying all we can to get her a foster home but as yet it hasn't happened. She's low-maintenance; all she really needs is food, water and walks. What she really wants is someone to be her person, her friend, someone to love her. Heartbreaking!


Let's hope it is a happy beginning and year of the dog for all our animals in need! You can help us make that happen in multiple ways..

Adopt and save a life!

Foster and make a friend for life!

Donate and help us help more animals in need!

You can also donate food, Frontline, Heartgard, towels, blankets, beds, if you are unsure just contact us.

See you at our February adoption days at Peak Cafe Bar.