Cat Adoptions - January 2018 🐈🏠

Every month we hope that we are successful in finding forever homes for some of Hong Kong's cats in need. Having Whiskers 'n' Paws as an adoption platform has most certainly increased our adoption rate, and we can't appreciate that enough. The staff are absolutely and without doubt the best too! They have a smile all the time, and they are polite and accommodating to us, our cats, and the customers! Hats off to you guys - drivers, floor staff, office staff, everyone - THANK YOU!  

So who did we find home's for? 

Raisin - she was snapped up quickly, but that wasn't a surprise as she's just beautiful inside and out! I just can't imagine why anyone would want to abandon her, our gain. She is now living with a cat called Smokey, who is just as beautiful and almost identical. Oh, and our lovely Nina is the resident foster cat!

Nora - She moved in as a foster and never left. She's got a bff in a cat and her mum, so it doesn't get much better. Still cautious with strangers but improving, she's discerning like most cats, but nothing wrong with that!

Sheba - our pretty young ex-breeder cat found herself a loving home. Sadly, she has been recovering from cat flu which has dragged on since before Christmas, but hopefully we're almost there. She has a lovely home and family, so it's sad she has begun her new life off colour. Get well beautiful cat! 

Silky - our stunning older lady and another ex-breeder we took on at the end of the year. She was the last of the first batch we took to find a home. Boy, was it ever worth the wait - what a tremendous family she has with another cat, a dog and people, all ready and willing to give her love, kisses and cuddles too.

Tina - she was the most popular of the second batch of ex-breeders, and the first to be homed. She, like all of them, had an ear infection but this isn't surprising given that she's a curl. Happy in her first ever home, though we aren't sure if Samuel the resident cat feels the same, not yet anyway. Fingers crossed! 

Talia - Another success and a happy, happy cat and family. She's an odd creature with her short legs giving her an almost rabbit like appearance. Her coat so different too, such a character this little one. 

Silver tabby kitten - she was the prettiest of the three, or so I'm told, and the only girl! So she went off the day she arrived and that's why she wasn't given a name. Her new mum still hasn't decided on a name, but she's a happy mum with a happy cat, and better still, she has another young kitten for her to enjoy!

Tamara - she's taken to her new home and family like a duck to water. Apart from scaring everyone half to death when she did her disappearing act, only to be discovered hours later in a cupboard, it has all gone very smoothly and she is certainly happy and loved - which is all we ever want for our cats.

Switch - my rambunctious, nutty foster kitten found herself a home. Such a bold, fearless kitten like no other I've had. She entertains and makes everyone she encounters feel special and like they are the only person in the world. To the point they are oblivious to her having only one eye. I love this little creature and couldn't have asked for a better home and family, she is adored and deservedly so! We will miss you little girl xx

Betty-Lou & Jasmine - it was really close to their deadline, too close actually, but then the answer to our prayers arrived. Thank you soooo much for saving two beautiful cats from an uncertain future. Not many people take on an older cat and even fewer take a pair. Way to go girls, you have a family again and let's hope this is the last home you'll ever need! 

Timothy & Thomas - Adorable brothers also dumped by a breeder.. Why? They had chronic ear mites and ringworm. After being treated for a week or so, they went to their new home and family, their mum not bothered by either as she's had experience with both having been a vet nurse herself. Our boys are in the best hands and the kids in the family will dote on their new companions.

A Special Mention - Torville: She was adopted by a wonderful family, who had spent over a year preparing to have a cat with their daughter undergoing allergy treatments and overcoming her allergy. Torville was an ex-breeder, she was 3 years old and was forced to breed and live life in a cage for that time, until she found this loving family who gave her nothing but love and cuddles. Unfortunately, while still getting to know her and just as she was starting to actually live, she died from FIP. It was sudden and upsetting - RIP Torville, we hope you are in a better place where the sun is shining and there is no pain!

Who is on trial? 

Tio - the handsome young ginger boy we recently got from AFCD - such a gentle, docile cat. We are looking forward to hearing how or if he fits with his potential new sister cat.

Who is still looking?

Pia - now in foster for some time and improving at her own pace. Though not 100% confident around new people, she likes her mum and allows her to to hang out and stroke her, but only mum! In time she'll be the best cat, but it will be on her terms - and this why we love cats! 

Berty - also in foster for rather a long time and though settled, at his age it would be great to see him in a home to call his own. He's an easy, low-maintenance cat who will love you forever. 

Santa Paws - he's a sweetheart but a scaredy cat initially. He loves attention but it takes him a while to settle. Not the best for a family with kids, he'd be scared of the noises, the speed and movement. Happier with a person (or two) he can curl up next to and have a pat and watch the tele.

Raspberry - look at that amazing face! She's improving all the time and her health has certainly improved since we took her on. Sadly, she'd been terribly neglected and fed the worst, cheap, nasty food resulting in her needing surgery to remove bladder and kidney stones. Now a happier bunny, though a cat who still wants her own company and has zero interest in other cats! She does blow Raspberries though which is where she earned her nickname.

Charlie & Lola - Gorgeous cats and a purrrfect pair - they so compliment each other and I can't fault them! To see them is to love them!

Thelma - she's a stunning creature and worthy of a loving home (though they all are). She's ready, affectionate and looking for a family to love and adore her.

Mimi - she's as her name - all about me! An older lady and a typical torti too, in a safe place still with her family, but we are seriously looking for a forever home and new beginning.

A reminder that we have no adoption day in February as Chinese New Year lands on that weekend. If you are interested in any of our cats, please do fill in the adoption form and we will be in touch! Similarly, if you are interested in fostering, kindly fill in the foster form instead.  

See you in March in the new year, the year of the dog! (Don't tell the cats).