Cat Adoptions - December 2017 🐈🏠

We had a good month, especially as we hadn't got that many cats. With Christmas and New Year coming and going we hoped we can save more, as so many are being abandoned by pet shops, home breeders and people who just don't care any longer. 

We have recently taken in a lot of these cats (and dogs) and so we have a lot in need right now. Even if you can't adopt, there are many other ways you can help:

-Donate (Money)
-Donate goods (Frontline/Revolution, food, blankets, beds, toys, treats). 
-Volunteer (email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you'd like to volunteer at our adoption days or our Cat Sanctuary!)

Hope you've all had a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful new year. Thank you for all you have done and I hope continue to do for our cats and others in need!

So who was lucky? Well, quite a few actually!

Rolo - He is such an amazing cat, and he had to be as he went to a family and he's their first time cat. He walked in and fitted in as so many felines do. He's a special cat and I'm glad someone abandoned him because he has the best home and life ever now!

Noona - she really wasn't easy initially, but with the right foster and the right resident cat, everything changed. She's now a very happy cat and loves her new life and family. It just goes to show they choose us everytime. 

Pudding & Pie - they were not an easy pair to begin with, all hissy and spitty. Once again, they were put with fosters who we know will work their magic, and they did just that. Then the girls went off on a trial adoption. We received the news and after a good laugh, celebrated their good fortune. "Even though they have destroyed half the house and wake me up at 5 every morning, they're our girls''. 

Romulus & Remus - we homed them for PALS, and we were told they were two boys, but it turned out they were a girl and a boy - so the names had to go haha.They are now named after cheeses.. and so we refer to them as the cheesy ones! They made Christmas an early celebration and a truly special time for a family on DB. 

Samantha & Josie - Another pair we homed for another organisation, and they are stunning kittens from Sai Kung. They found themselves in a loving home with a family who adore them - another early Christmas surprise and a happy complete family!

Nicolas - our beautiful, handsome boy found the friend he wanted in a little boy who chose him over all the others. We have seen this cat grow and change and become a swan, a definite favourite of ours!

Shona - the first of the 5 breeder cats to find her forever home. She is a happy loved cat for the first time in her life and boy does it show! She's glowing I swear..

Sparkle - she came from the street, but someone must have cared for her before she was found because she is the loveliest, friendliest youngster, and she was the only one to get a home at Whiskers 'n' Paws this month. And over all the breed cats too - that always makes us very very happy! 

Rhubarb and Rubin - they really hit the jackpot when the person who found them adopted them after only a week of them being at home. They're thriving and in a purrrfect home ready for 2018!!

See you next year for our first Cat Adoption Day of 2018 on the 20th January!