Cat Adoption Day - Sunday 20th August - Whiskers 'n' Paws

We had a spectacular month, though quite unexpected with 15 adoptions and interest in more. The more adopted, the more we can save! Thank you to our volunteers, fosters, adopters and of course the Whiskers 'n' Paws  staff for your continued support. 

So who were the chosen ones?

Momoko - she's a typical torti - independent and very black & white in her attitude. Funnily enough, her new mum and she have a few things in common, including their love for broccoli.

Edith - she is staying with her fosters - after a whole year it seemed like the obvious next step. It's always great to see another of our felines find happiness.

Marcus - he's the most adorable little fella ever. More dog than cat in the way he waits on the door mat and follows mum round. He's happy with the dog too and likely learning more dog-like behaviour from him.

Fern - finally she found her place and her family, and she is doing really well. Ironically her new mum and Nathan's new mum are friends, so it's lovely that mum and son are within easy reach of each other!

Nathan - after a failed trial adoption,  this handsome boy he has at last found his place in the world. He is clearly relaxing more, and beginning to enjoy life as a solo cat.  I'm so happy with his home as he craves attention and has got what he wanted - mounds of love and attention!

William - Our big boy from the original 46 rescued a few years ago has not only found a home but a home any cat would desire - not sure if Dexter (the resident cat) agrees but thank you Eric! Lovely to know you were willing to adopt after losing Leo.

Liza & Lydia - they came back to us due to an allergy problem, but were gone again within 12 hours. They are especially beautiful and perfect for kids and that's just what they got. Long may it last!

Mable & Mary-Ellen - siblings of Marcus, and part of the trio of Peak Kittens. They were adopted by the family of one of our volunteers and the next generation of cat lovers - it's always wonderful to see this. They, like Marcus, are particularly friendly and very gentle. Perhaps because they were found and hand-reared so young, they are more interested in people than cats.

Ozzy - such a gorgeous boy and as each day passes he has become more confident, playful and generally adorable. 

Oliver - another lucky boy who landed a great home with the adopters of Dotty. They are already at either side of the door making their presence known. I think they'll be friends as soon as the door swings open on Sunday. Thank you for coming back to us to adopt.

Olivier - she came to us in a bit of a mess and her foster became her mum on arrival. How could you not love this little one? She was pulled from a storm drain with cat flu and fleas, and with lots of cuddles she's already brighter and looking like a different kitten.  

Noddy & Nelly - these are two of the four kittens that were sold with no interest in them being anything more than a way to make money. I hope that now a report has been made and justice will be served! They were so skinny and frail, their eyes bulging, clearly malnourished. Well, they too have gone to a loving home and a past adopter of ours with a house full of laughter, fun and animals. They landed on their paws for sure.  


Who are we awaiting more news on?

Berty - he has a new place to go this week - a foster/adoption which is rather special. We believe he's around 14+ now, so this will be his last home. Way to go Berty boy - after enduring a past no cat would want to remember, you are safe to the end!

Nina - after taking her in off the street with a variety of ailments, though none of them particularly serious at the time, she then tested positive for FIV which explained it all. She is doing quite well in foster now, however it is a foster who knows what the future holds. We are looking for a loving home for a lovely cat who just can't go back on the street. Like many cats with FIV, there's no reason she can't and won't live a long life with a little help from a friend. If you can be that friend please let us know!

Every cat deserves love, care and a safe place, which is why we always need fosters to help us help them. If you wish to become a foster parent please fill in a foster form here. There is nothing to compare to saving a life! Our next Cat Adoption Day will be on the 17th September, same place, same time. See you there?

Not a cat, but deserves a mention:

Another birdie landed with us a few days ago, and was whisked off straight away to his new safe haven with our 'Bird Man', who will do what he does best - give the best care, food and all that's available to a deserving bird who has been abandoned.

With so many more birds coming our way we are extremely grateful to the few people we have found who really understand how to care for them! 🕊️