Dog Adoption Day - Sunday 13th August - Peak Cafe Bar

We had a lovely day at the Peak Café. It's a great location with friendly staff, cold beer and lots of people and dogs passing by to say "Hello" - even a cat stopped by!

We haven't had a bad month given that it's summer and many people are away enjoying a well-deserved rest.. not us sadly, we do 24/7; I haven't had a day off for a year and a half!

So who was lucky this month?

Lucas - adorable, happy chap is staying in his foster home. He fits like a glove and has livened up the oldies and made himself Mr Popular. Thank you to Flo & Mark who absolutely weren't going to adopt - and of course we absolutely believed you.... NOT! 🐾

Bella - oh Bella, it makes me smile to say her name. I met her this morning on our walk and she is so very happy at last! She touches my heart - this silly, rambunctious happy dog!🍹

Machi - he too made his mark and has found himself for a forever home. He is loving having so much attention with only one other dog to share it with - wow, life is great! He's losing weight too (thankfully) so he doesn't look like a giant sausage without the bun. 🌭

Kelly - After a very short foster which was not at all successful, she went straight into a trial adoption and it went like a dream. Once she and the resident dog stopped playing (that took days), they resumed living in a happy, playful environment. She's a lucky girl and it was worth the wait! 🍸

Nicky - So many wanted him and so of course he was adopted, I hope he's going to be happy as he's just become a vegetarian! No, I'm not comfortable with that but let's see if he can adapt. 🍎

Gary - this was a wonderful and completely unexpected surprise when our adopters from a year ago asked to adopt Gary. We were thrilled of course as it's a fantastic home. We are raising the money now to get him there, as it's not cheap but SO worth it, and it's a small price to pay to make any dog happy. If you'd like to know more, and perhaps donate - please take a look at his story and appeal here. 🛫

Who are we awaiting more news on?

Harriet - lovely, jovial, little Harriet is taking time to settle into her new home. Sadly, she has separation anxiety and still hates being left alone for longer than an hour, which isn't easy for anyone. We are working through it with her, and I have her back with me at my place at times. We can only wait and hope it works out 💖

Kara - the last in the litter of K pups, and the more sensitive, quieter of the three. Such a lovely puppy with many endearing qualities, and toilet-trained too. She has interest though, and we are hoping to see her happy soon.  💙

Roxy - she has been with us a while and is happy where she is, but she has some admirers and we are waiting to hear whether or not they like her enough to adopt her. 💛

Ben/Yoda - On Sunday, a guy nursing a broken heart decided a dog was the answer, and we all agreed it was!! Ben was the perfect fit and we are all hoping he will fill the void and become the next love of his new dads life. 💚

JellyBean - growing like a weed and just can't get enough attention, loves life and people are just the best! A very, very smart puppy - only 7 months old and not much she doesn't know or can't do after being shown once or twice only! Toilet-trained, sits, gives a paw, waits to be told to eat, and her recall is excellent. Why hasn't she been adopted? She's another of those pups that everyone adores and yet doesn't adopt. Whoever finally does adopt her will certainly fall for her charm and ability to make you feel like you are the only one in the world that matters 💐

Who is most in need?

Nash & Natasha - they are the epitome of loveliness; stunning, gorgeous, happy pups, but homeless!! They are still looking for a foster or a home because the current foster mum has 3 dogs already, so two full-on pups is alot! Trust me, I know because I have 5 dogs, 1 cat and a JellyBean...


Otis - This gentle giant of a dog was dumped in Yuen Long along with two other lovely young dogs. He's 5 years young and a delight to be around - all he wants is a bit of attention and a pat on the head. 40kg of sweetness and such amazing coloured eyes. In a couple of months his hair will have grown back, and he'll look as he ought to - stunning. In the meantime, we desperately need a foster home for him - when you have dogs already and not such a large flat a 40kg dog takes a bit of maneuvering!

A few of the dogs we have made life better for, and there are a few more of those dogs we need to help. Our motto has never changed - "There's the person for every dog, it's just a question of getting them together!". Help us do just that and come and join us at the next adoption event at Peak Cafe Bar on the 27th August. We are also in need of a photographer for the adoption days held on the 4th Sunday of every month - please let us know if you can spare your time for us and the dogs, a good photo can mean a good home. 📷