Cat Adoption Day - Sunday 16th July - Whiskers 'N' Paws

Well, the summer is here and with it the adoption rate has dropped. Having said that, we did really well this month with 9 adoptions and 1 rehomed. 

Leon aka Bagpipes - he was the only one adopted on the day at Whiskers n Paws. He was a little scared while there but actually, he is as bold as brass. He has a home  now with 3 other cats, and will be a happy camper once he comes out from under the bed! 

Mischa - the last of the batch of 14 we took over a year ago, and she finally found her forever home. She is a very happy, relaxed cat, with all she ever wanted and needs - just her person! It took a year to find the right home and person, but we don't care how long it takes as long as we get the right home.

Freddy & Florida - well this was the best news ever, because these two beauties have been repeatedly overlooked for younger models. They have a home any cat would want now though, and the fact that they get to stay together is even better.

Lego - you may remember he was found in a zipped closed bag with a badly injured leg? He was kept in a cage in the vet for over 6 weeks until his leg healed, and then we moved him into a foster. He wasn't happy initially, and hissed at his new carers repeatedly. Time passed and eventually he let his guard down and allowed stroking and chin rubs. He then went into a home with one of our feline carer friends and hasn't looked back! 

Raffles - he never made it out of his foster home and is happily sharing with Will Ferris (was Pow). He has a few odd quirks, but nothing that can't be lived with. He has a dad who loves him and a cat who looks at him like he's mad (probably because he is), but he's also happy! Thank you Marlon for fostering and finally finding two cats that suit!

Liza & Lydia - our absolutely perfect, pretty little kittens have a friend each with two little girls to entertain them. They are having a blast already and no doubt very little sleep! They were adopted after the family fell in love with their photos, they didn't even meet them first. Happy days!


Adam - we homed him about 3 months ago with his friend Gala, however he just wasn't happy, and even with the most patient people he didn't settle. So we sent him back to his finders and within a matter of hours he was back to the happy boy we all remember. That's the amazing thing with cats - they know what they want and will do what they have to to get it. Thankfully, Joanna & John were able to take him back, even though they had never imagined or factored in a third cat. He ain't moving now though, I can tell you that, he's there for life!

Gretel - she's Gala's natural sibling and when Adam left we moved her in as his replacement. They'd been very close initially, and so we are confident they'll gel once more and calm will prevail.

Thank you once again to our volunteers, friends, fosters, followers and adopters, and not forgetting the Whiskers 'n' Paws staff for all their help. See you next month - Sunday 20th August, same place, same time!

You can of course see our cats in their foster homes if you aren't available on an adoption day - just fill in a questionnaire here and we'll arrange the rest!