Dog Adoption Day - Peak Cafe Bar - Sunday 9th July

Another rainy day? No, it wasn't!! It had been hosing it down for what felt like an eternity, we said 'stop it, stop it, stop it' and it did. Just for that one day anyway...

Well, it was our first adoption day at Peak Cafe Bar, and they certainly made us feel welcome. Instead of heaving with rain, it was heaving with interested folk checking out our lovely dogs and puppies!

This month.. wow, what with holidays and rain - a bad combination really. Anyway, we have to keep going and never give up, some of our dogs were still lucky enough to be chosen to live the good life.

Benson the Bernese - He has settled into his new home, and no it wasn't easy, but it certainly was worth the wait because a happy, loving dog has emerged from that fearful giant we say in June. Thank you Derek for the time, patience and care you and your wife have invested!

May the Chihuahua - She was in her home for a very short time before she had to have surgery on a hernia. Her wonderful mum didn't even tell us! She got her to the vet and got her sorted out and still didn't mention it. I heard it from the vet nurse and was shocked initially, then sad. This little girl finally finds a forever home and still has to go through so much. I'm so happy to report however, that she's recovering well and is on the way to making a full recovery. Cheers Angela, you are the best.   

Leanne the Pom - Her surgery is behind her and her adoption is confirmed. She is using the leg as though nothing has happened. We knew and we paid for this surgery before the adoption, and our little princess is as happy as can be - spoiled rotten and loved so much.


Jack the King Charles - He has his home and his family, and it's forever and ever and ever and .......... you get the picture. He has a heart murmur and all manner of health problems, so he willl be costly. However, he still landed on all four paws, living with  little girls who dress him up in bonnets and capes, and yes, he joines their tea parties!  They adore him and he them, and that's what it's all about. Thank you all!  

Melany the pretty mix - she came to us and left almost immediately - as expected we had to fight off her would be adopters with a stick haha. Well she is now happy and living with a very large greyhound, who is incredibly tolerant as she swings off his face. She's the size of his head and yet fearless and full of fun and mischief. As her mum is called Melanie, I think a name change is in order don't you?

Skittles - some delightful person dumped a 3-4 month old Jardines Parrot,  and fortunately we were asked to help. This exquisite baby was thin and in poor condition, he hadn't been well cared for at all. He was found was in a plastic container with holes in it. We were able to find a foster, which soon became a home, and after a trip to the Exotic Animal Clinic, and the correct food/formula, dear little birdie is now doing very well. 

Who is most in need and looking for a home?

Bernard -  he made his debut, and considering he's rarely been around people or in a busy area, we all agreed he did remarkably well. He's a lovely 2-year-old boy, though somewhat overweight. He is the 50th animal from the hoarder, and we'd just love to see him placed, loved and eating normal dog food, instead of loaves of bread - ugh! If you'd like to know more or meet him for yourself, please contact us. We'd love to help find him a home as he's such a dear!

Ben - he also made his debut. He was found by a lady when he decided to follow her home. He was skinny, starved, and yet very friendly, which is what saved his life. He was sent to AFCD, but the lady got him out and asked for help! He is up to date now and already looking more like a dog and less like a moth-ridden old armchair - bless him. Ben will be with us at every adoption event until a loving home is found. He's a real sweetie I can tell you, and although he looks like he's from a Star Wars movie, he's a gem to us.

Kelly & Kara - they finally had to go their separate ways, and while both in foster homes, Kelly has a chance at adoption if she settles into her new place. Boy, has she landed on her paws! Fingers, toes and eyes crossed for her, and also her sweet, sensitive sister Kara.

JellyBean - she's still with me and eating my plants as I write - nice! She's a real character, but actually very well-behaved in general. Well, apart from the plants that is. I suspect the non-stop torrent of water flowing freely from the sky has created some boredom as our usual long walks have been cut short!! She's a fantastic, easily trained, loving and happy puppy, who would make anyone smile. And she's oh SO very friendly, she loves everyone everywhere!

Come and see them all at our future adoption events, not to mention many others all looking for their homes!

We will now be at Peak Cafe Bar on the 2nd AND 4th Sunday of every month! Hope to see you at the next one - 13th August.