Cat Adoption Day - Sunday 18th June - Whiskers 'n' Paws

We had a quiet day at Whiskers n Paws (perhaps because it was hosing it down again!!!) however, we still managed to find homes for quite a few since the last adoption day.

So, who got lucky this month?  

Lenny - he's more like a dog than a cat, and so he went to live with three dogs to see if he'd fit in. Well, in true cat fashion he walked in, took a look around, and made himself very much at home. His trial adoption lasted about 3 minutes and he's still there and loving it. 

Toffee - she was a big hit, and after a brief spell in a foster home, she moved on. She clearly needed both cat & people company. She has that now, and is very happy, also loved by mum and cat.

Justine - a very strong character and after being adopted the first time around, she switched from being a docile friend to the resident cat, to a monster almost overnight. Now she's the queen, and though there are dogs in her new residence, that seems to be ok for Her Royal Highness! Cats will be cats and do what they do.

Lionel & Larry got to stay together, which was exactly what we wanted. They have a lovely home with a family to dote on them and kids to entertain and play with them. They certainly do seem happy, not to mention pampered.


Rick & Morty - two of the 4 kittens born in a BBQ, and now in a happy home where they can grow up and enjoy a life of security. Their siblings Lemon & Liquorice are still looking if you are interested!

Kirk - also unsuccessful as a companion to another cat, he found himself a lovely home with all the attention just for him. The first night he made himself very much at home and settled into mums bed! Not shy that one eh?

Kevin - this sickly little fellow saved from almost certain death, has landed well and truly on his tiny paws. He's finally stopped terrorizing the resident cat, and has learned to respect his elder... well a little bit of the time. He's still a little terror, but a happy, adorable, little boy with a larger than life personality.

Lupin - another "I want all the attention for myself"  kind of cat and she got it too. She was the purrfect cat and fit for some first time cat owners. She took over on arrival at her new home, as the photos show. She's a really special cat and one of the last to be homes from the 40+ animals we took from the hoarder.

We had another great month and our remaining cats are doing well, our numbers are down too. We'll have no cats staying in Whiskers 'n' Paws anymore, and so I'd like to say thank you and goodbye to Vicky, who lovingly cared for so many of them while they looked for homes. Good luck and thanks for all you did helping our furry friends! 

Thank you too to our friends, followers and volunteers,not forgetting the rest of the staff at Whiskers n paws who make it all happen for us.  

We have more kittens and cats in need of loving homes if you are ready, contact us anytime! See you at the next adoption day - Sunday 16th July.