R.I.P Leo (Hank) - When You Buy From A Breeder...

...this is what you are saying yes to.

We only have one video of Leo playing (viewable on Facebook). Perhaps that was it for his entire life - we'll never know because he died. He could have lived a long, happy life if he'd had a caring owner, and not an evil breeder who used him to make money!

He lived the longest part of his tragic life with an indiscriminate breeder in a cage, and the only kind thing the breeder ever did was give him away! Even then, it wasn't out of kindness, but because he wasn't making him any money anymore.

When we got him in January this year, we didn't know it was already too late for him - how could we? He had cancer and the mass had already taken hold, and in a very short time this adorable creature would deteriorate and waste away. 


He had a home, a friend called Dexter, and a dad called Eric, who loved him and did everything possible to save him. The vet bills were near the $30,000 mark, but no amount of money could save him.


I want everyone to see Leo and think again before buying from a breeder. He suffered more than we can imagine, and for what? Towards the end he couldn't breathe properly - mucus flowed freely from his nose and constantly blocked it. He had nasal discharge throughout the whole time he was with Eric, and likely much longer before. He couldn't open or close his mouth; the cancer from his ear grew fast and spread, attached to his jaw and locked it, so he couldn't eat either. He had a feeding tube up to the day he died - when he tried to eat dry food, it would stick to the mucus on his face. He had to have his face cleaned more often than you can imagine, hourly sometimes! And all because the breeder didn't clean his ears, which led to infection, inflammation and ultimately, cancer.


Thank you Eric for giving him a few weeks of happiness, I know he knew he was loved right to the end, and that was the only love he'd known!

R.I.P Leo (Hank)  xxx