Dog Adoption Day - Sunday 11th June - Rude Bar

Goodbye to the old and here's looking ahead to the new!

We didn't find out until mid-week,  that our regular adoption event at Rude would be our last ever! The adoption day on Sunday 11th June 2017 brought about the end of over 10 years of using the bar. Rude, Kila, Soda or Phoebe's - I can't even remember the names, it was too long ago. Anyway, they were all dog-friendly and had a great atmosphere as a result - now no more.

This left us with the daunting prospect of finding a new place in less than 3 weeks - YIKES! I can tell you we did manage to confirm a new venue - it's at the Peak Cafe Bar on Shelley St in Central, right off the escaltor! Perfect right? Change is good and why not start anew.

Onto the adoptions...

Indy - at last his foster family agreed that he really was already their dog, and so they are finalizing the adoption - HOORAY!! We all love him and Michael you got your wish, you got your dog!!

Rosey - we expected her to be returned to us from her foster, however we got a lovely surprise when the fosters came and adopted her. Wow, it really was unexpected but the best possible kind of surprise!

Dudley - cuddly Dudley has gone to live with another 2 dogs - a Pug and another little one. The Pugs share a common trait - they're both a bit on the round side. Actually, they're fat, but on a great diet and it's working for Dudley as he's already shed nearly 2 kg - only 6.5 kgs to go !

Nelson - he was one of the first we took and was finally adopted after a couple of months in a great foster home, where he made dad his bff and fast became his dog! He fit in really easily with his new pack too, and the fact that he's black and white (Newcastle United colours) made him a keeper from the start haha!

Lance - he has to be one of the cutest dogs but then I do love Shih Tzu's - impossible to resist that adorable little face and he has a personality to match. It was no surprise that he didn't even leave the vet clinic before he was adopted by one of the staff, and he's now treated like royalty!

Lesley & Leonardo - This was a lovely surprise to see mum and son adopted together, and in the area too, so we may well get to see them around, which will be just lovely. They settled in beautifully and go to work with mum everyday - not sure how much work is being done but the staff and dogs are really happy!!

Leanne - is in a foster home that will be adoption soon. As she had to have surgery, it was unfair to let her be adopted until we at least got her leg sorted. She's so very happy with her new home and Chihuahua friend. Already using the leg after only 2 days - wow! After years of not using her leg properly she has a whole new lease of life. 

We were also able to save 3 more birds, including a beautiful blue and gold Macaw. People should really not take on these beautiful creatures without knowing something (a lot) about their needs, habits and food requirements - they DON'T eat bread! They are also sensitive and need care when handling.

Thankfully, we were able to find safe havens and the right persons who have knowledge and understanding of these majestic creatures. Huge thanks especially to Ian and Pam who have now saved 3 birds for us, and even found a fourth a temporary home. We had to really push the boat out to save them all!


The new little ones still needing homes:

Melvin - We got him in time, as I don't think he would have survived. He was so horribly overweight with about six lumps of different sizes - one as big as 3 inches long on his body, rotten teeth and degenerative joint disease. He was so lucky that he found a weekend foster and then now, a longer term foster. He's a new dog already - he waddles about and he is losing weight because of this and his great healthy dog food diet (no more bread and junk food).  He has clean teeth, his eyes are bright - he's getting into a fantastic routine with a fantastic mum n dad!

May - She's such a character - possibly the friendliest, funniest little barelesque dog ever. She is a talented lap hopper - she'll be sitting on you very comfortably, but if someone sits next to you, she has to go and try out that lap and then the next and so on. She'd fit in any home as long as they're are plenty of laps to sit on. Dogs, cats, birds, all good - she's flexible and adaptable. At 7-8 years she's more like 7-8 months.

Matthew - He's presently in foster with his brother Martin, and together they make the cutest pair of bookends . They're both around 10 years young and are active little bods who would put a smile on any face.

Martin - Like his brother, he's a little cute one with a big smile. Hard to resist these little ones, and yet we still have them? Come and meet them for a cuddle and a kiss, they are soo sweet and deserving of a new life and home.

Machi - He is sharing space with two older dog bods, and a pram to get around in when the hills get too steep. Horribly overweight too, but his foster mum is working on that and we hope to see him looking slimmer soon, due to his new walking regime and decent food. If you'd like to meet him, he'll be at our adoption days until he finds the best home available!

Lucas - He went on trial, but sadly he couldn't be on his own. Having lived with over 40 animals for what we believe most of his life, it was impossible for him to adapt to being the only dog. So, he went into foster and joined a new family with other dogs and he's happy as Larry. Again, ridiculously friendly and loving, just can't get enough attention - if you are looking for love, look no further - any and all of these little darlings are the real deal.

Dogs really needing a home or foster:

Bingo - he's unhappy in kennels but we have no other choice right now. We had a trainer assess him and we had all good news - he'll be walking and working with him weekly, as will our volunteer and friend who goes up there every week to see him. The plan is to get him walking on the lead well and exercised, then we can find him the best home ever!

Jelly "belly" bean - presently staying in foster and learning how to share with the other dogs. She's smart - too smart at times - but a lovely character who loves my cat and follows him around all over the place. Toilet trained too - oh yes it took a matter of a couple of hours! She'd be happy as a solo dog or with another strong character and/or cat to worship! Lovely little "bean" deserves a great home, she's super friendly and adores people - she greets everyone she meets in the street - it's nice, but it takes forever to get anywhere!

Kara - another smart puppy who learns fast - after only four days in foster, she is toilet trained and waits to go out! Who wouldn't want a mixed breed puppy? She, Kelly + Jelly Bean go walkies every morning to help with socialising and training and it's going SO well. They are all doing incredibly well with recall and basic commands. Kara is a very lovely dog and would fit with any dog, family or otherwise. Happy, loving puppy needing a loving home and SOON!

Kelly - she's a pretty little one, not as smart as her sister Kara, but she's a follower, not a leader, which makes her possibly easier. She loves everything and everyone in the world. Such a cuddly creature and like her sister is in dire need of a home by this weekend - too scary for words! 

Don't forget of course, our senior little Chihuahuas mentioned above are all needing a home - come along and meet them at the next adoption day? They are ridiculously friendly, happy little numbers who would brighten anyone's day.

See you all on the 9th July at the Peak Cafe Bar on Shelley Street, Central - 1.30-4.30pm.