23 Dec: Dog adoption Day and the Last of the Year

The last adoption day of the year and not without success, I'm thrilled to say! We are all hopeful that 2019 will be a great year for our animals and friends, followers, fosters and volunteers alike. We plan to continue with two dog adoption days a month and possibly do a puppy day too at PAWTNERS and three fun sale / mini adoption days at teakha. More to come on that next week - January!


Who has a new home ?

Cherry has made her way back to her very first foster home and family; she had no idea that Boxing day was going to be such a special day and the beginning of a new life. 🎄


Our cute puppy Ed was adopted the previous weekend and was at the adoption day with Emil for moral support- what an adorable duo🐶


Harriet the best of three - finally she was adopted and by me! I couldn't bear to see her overlooked again and so my little fat, dumpling Harry is to stay! I love her to bits .



As expected loads of interest in Elzan, but because of his quirk he is still with us and we are trying to work through the problem - fingers crossed🤞


Who are we hoping will have a new home soon? Well all of our dogs of course!

Digby looking amazing and enjoying his daily hikes, is more than ready for his new home and life. We just need to find the right fit, and someone who loves long walks.


Dinky, we hope to see in a home quite soon and though it may be a trial adoption, there's no reason why it won't become a permanent situation.



The three E's - Edward, Elmo and Elvis the 3 Doggeteers + Emil 

Four boys and something for everyone! They (3) walk well on the lead and love to go out and see the world. At home they'll happily play and cuddle up and nap. Adorable boys all available too if you'd like to meet them drop me a line.


Edward who is as bold as brass, and fearless too. He is by far the most confident - I love this puppy, he's such a character.


Elmo is less bold but equally adventurous; he is of course playful and fun and looks almost exactly like his brother Edward.


Elvis is the most calm of the three boys and looks different to his brothers too. 



Emil, though not related to the above, he is Ed's brother and a sweet, charming little guy and as cuddly as a puppy can be.


Rocky is a gentle boy who loves to cuddle up to you on the couch. He is such a docile one and will melt your heart.


Ms Maple the wonder dog, she has come so far and is improving all the time. She has huge ears and loves life and everyone she sees is a potential friend. She's quite strong and will need someone who can handle her which is actually easy as long as she gets plenty of exercise and play time. 


Martin, we were surprised to see Cherry go before him, but it just goes to show you that you never know what's just around the corner. He's such a happy boy and we know his day will come and soon. We want a friend for him though as he is so very social and loves his 4 and 2 legged friends equally.


If you'd like to see any of our dogs www.kirstenszoo.com, fill in an adoption form and we'll go from there. All the best to one and all for 2019 - see you on the 13th & 27th of January at the Peak Cafe, Shelley Street, Central for more adoptions and happy homes for our quadrupeds in need!

Teakha Sale and Puppy Adoption day


It was a really lovely event, we had such a laugh, lots of happy people and their gorgeous foster dogs and their own dogs too all getting into the festive spirit. Warm scones, cakes and a large variety of tea all in abundance. I think the photos speak for themselves don't you?

We raised money too over $6,000 and sold lots of our dog and cat paraphernalia which was exactly what we wanted. Also one of our little treasures (Ed) was adopted, though he can't go to his home yet as he's too young and needs to have more time with his brother Emil. He also has to have a check up, vaccination etc very soon. We are waiting to see if one or two more of the pups are going to be as fortunate as Ed.


Our hilarious puppy Edward stole the show with his antics, he played nonstop with his new friend who indulged him. Allowing him to sit on him, jump up and down all over him and swing off his face. It was far more entertaining than watching TV. That plus the Santa costumes with antlers, beards you name all being worn by the dogs some more willingly than others! 

Thank you to Nana and her staff at teakha for the great service and lots of smiles. 🥂 to our volunteers who once again gave up a day off and did a great job all round. John n Joanna, Tiffany and Suzanne who got stuck with the mad puppy Edward. 

Leif and Emma who will both be leaving HK soon, you'll be missed by many and remembered for all the help, support and for fostering and more 

🎄 Merry Christmas to everyone and we hope to see you all at our next event. We're looking forward to 2019 and we wish you all the best of the best now and always! 🥂



Cats - December and Christmas Adoptions



Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a healthy, happy, fortuitous New Year to one and all. Enormous thanks to Deki & Baymax for hosting our cat adoption events and making us welcome. 

We'll be at PAWTNERS next year and on the third Sunday of each and every month - everyone is welcome to stop by.

Thanks to Steve (Uriah gallery) our photographer and friend, for giving up your time (and believe me he has so very little) and taking some of the most beautiful photographs.



Did you know a group of cats is called a 'Clowder' and a group of kittens is a 'Kindle'

What a remarkable month once again; our adopters happy to do a trial as suggested by us to ensure it was a good match and it worked. So who found homes this month?

Who found homes?🎄

Tabatha - her trial is over and she is staying put. Yay! Selina is accepting her more and more. Another of the 47 cats from our sanctuary loved and in a forever home!


Utah - finally he has a loving home with people who have and will continue to care for him. He is such a lovable cat who gets under your skin. He is one of the most friendly, lovable cats who was in such a shocking state due to neglect  - it's pretty amazing he's alive.


Didi - though still shy, she has a loving family willing to give her the time required to settle and get over her and past - thank you Herrick. I think she fits like a glove with your lovely kitten.


Balu & Bilbo - trial over after only 3 days, and they are home and staying put! Happy days and many more of them. Another success and happy cats and people. 


Doris - we found mum a place to call her own and the freedom to be herself. Her 3 kittens - have been homed and are staying together, what a fantastic outcome. The 2 boys and a girl will never know just how lucky they are as their lives just got better from the day we got them. Born in a home only one day after mum came to us, phew it was close.............


Daisy - though she isn't the easiest cat, especially when she decides to bite. Thankfully her new mum fostered her and has learned to read the signs and together they're sorting out her behaviour. Now she's happier, the biting has almost stopped. Like so many cats they just need time, love and lots of both.


Candice - at last our little girl has her forever home and with her foster mum who loves her. She is the last of 11 we took over a month and a special girl who mothered many of the 11. Now she has all the attention to herself and she is LOVING it.


Dexter - our wonderful boy though he has FIV he went on trial today and we feel pretty sure he'll stay put ........... watch this space. He was an absolute star at the vet yesterday and had his health check and update. He's gained weight and looks amazing. Merry Christmas little one!


Egg or Egbert - he's looking gorgeous and will go to his new home today and be one of a few cuddly happy cats living with a very cat family on Lamma.


Merry Christmas to you all and huge thanks for helping us through this difficult year, our cats have been so well cared for and our fosters, supporters and volunteers made that possible! 

See you in January 2019! Ho ho ho ... lets hope our cats can continue to find such wonderful homes.


Thank you,




Cats this month - November

We've had another great month with a few of our long term cats as well as new arrivals finding (we hope) everlasting happiness. Just before Christmas too when we need all the homes we can find but they have to be purrrfect just like our cats ha ha🐱

Who found homes?


Charlie & Lola - this was a wonderful surprise and perfect timing. These two haven't had a bad time, in fact they've had the best foster family any cat could have. However, fosters aren't forever and Charlie & Lola were about to be homeless again when bingo 💕 a wonderful home came up and it's just perfect for them! This made our day, week, year yippeeeeeeeeeeee be happy you lovely cats!

Daniella - She was in foster for less than 36 hours when her foster decided she wasn't prepared to let her go, and so she stayed. From the government kennels to a loving home - it's perfect.

Dolly & Dimple - As expected our little, sweet ones have their forever home. They'll have all the love in the world and a a cat family and kids too and just in time for Christmas when there will be a tree to climb and decorations to destroy!

Dulcie - Such a beautiful girl and a personality to match, as expected there were many interests; however, as we work on a first come first serve basis she's gone to the first couple who saw her and she fits like a glove!

Heather - Foster to foster as she was never officially adopted but she is now YAY - the last of 14 cats we took a few years ago. We can now finally close that chapter. Happy new life Heather -  you are a beautiful cat and will be happy once more!

Winny & Winona - This was a wonderful day when our gorgeous girls were finally adopted. They went through a lot together including health problems (x breeding cats). Now all that is behind them and they can start again. A new home, life and together. Huge thanks to their past fosters who all worked so hard to get them here! You did it 😻😻 yay!


Trial adoptions -


Bilbo & Balu - they'll go this weekend and we know they'll be given every opportunity to settle and be happy - watch this space. I think they'll settle and enjoy their new parents and life. A happy day for everyone though bitter sweet for their lovely fosters who still have Yudo.

Didi - She too is on trial as we want to be sure she fits with the resident cats. We're pretty confident she will as she loves cats and cat company, but they have to love her too.

Newbies - 


Doris's 3 kittens - Doris isn't ready to be a home cat yet,  but we are hopeful that once her kittens leave the nest she'll relax and have more acceptance of people. Two of her kittens are already spoken for. Watch this space for the third little treasure who will be in need of a loving home.

Egbert - Egg for short, what a lovely little kitten he is. He missed the last adoption day but will be there at the next one, available at anytime to be seen of course.

Enzo - He's still a bit scared and hasn't settled as quickly as we had hoped, but he'll get there. He's not aggressive he just needs time. Cats will be cats and we have to accept them and give them whatever we can until they feel happy once again. 

Ewan - He's the most scared, he'll eat from your hand but won't allow you to pick him up. When cats and kittens come from AFCD they are often terrified for some time. I think being caught in a net would be enough to terrify anyone not only a little kitten. Time heals all .............


Still looking for homes - 


Candice - She's a beauty and she will be a lovely home cat. Loves to be loved and would make anyone smile with her adorable little face and behaviour.

Daisy - she's come leaps and bounds in her foster home and is certainly making up for the lack of attention. She's ready if you are ?

Dexter - He's the friendliest cat, loves attention and all the love he can get. He'd be the perfect family cat as he's so gently.

Marmalade - What a delightful cat, she's a beauty too - all she needs for Christmas is a loving home, oh she deserves just that. Would you like to meet her? 

Pia - She's still rather aloof and likes to keep check on everyone and thing around her but at a distance. She likes the space and all the home comforts and yet she's still not ready to take that final step. Maybe next year ?

Yahtzee - She's such a beautiful cat but even though she will allow her fosters near her, she's still more interested in her cat friend. She is washed, groomed and cleaned daily and loves every minute.

Yudo - He could have joined Bilbo & Balu at our cat adoption day; however, his fosters and I decided he ought to wait a little longer and enjoy time to himself. He is ready to go to a home - we just want the right home. 

Enormous thanks to Deki and Baymax for their help on adoption days - you make us all so welcome. Thanks as always to our tireless volunteers and fosters who make it all happen, without you we simply couldn't do what we do so well! And of course thank you to our adopters who we trust with our precious cats!

See you next month on the 16th of December for our last adoption day of the year. If you'd like to see any of our cats, please contact us asap and we'll make it happen! 

URGENT fosters

We need foster homes for our lovely animals during the holidays! If you are spending the holidays here and can help a cat/s 😻or a dog 🐶please contact us now or fill in a foster form asap www.kirstenszoo.com - just let us know how long/short you can help for. Right now we need help with the below but the list is growing almost daily.

Dogs 🐶

Elzan- from today


Dinky- from today


Digby - January


Maple - end of January





Cats 😻


Let's all have a Happy Holiday!

Thank you - Kirsten