It has been a bit of a roller coaster and drought on the adoption front, not just this month but last month too. However it appears after the drought the adoptions came as did the rain and lots of it!

Some of the adoptions came as a surprise, a welcome surprise and it really gave us all a boost. Our oldest dogs we’d had for the longest time found retirement and forever homes. There’s no better feeling in the world than seeing the dogs trot off with their suitcases and their new families!?

Gene – the most beautiful creature found himself a home, a home we dreamed of as it suits him and his needs perfectly. A quiet place, spacious, with other similar aged dogs, a lovely garden to potter around and enjoy the sunshine, when we get some. That’s what was hoped for and what he got.

It’s been but a few days and he’s already in a routine; walking happily with his new pals and doing all things dog and as expected loving the grass and the garden, we’re still waiting for the sunshine ?

He and his brother Gabriel lived free for 12 years before being picked up by AFCD. Gabriel sadly died a year ago and they’d never been apart; I’m sure he’s happy for his brother as are we. Gene is over 13 years of age ? and has a new beginning and life.



Leo – a newcomer and another older dog who had a number of homes to choose from and they all came in just as his foster decided to keep him! Having spent most of his life caged and then only 2 years in a happy home this will be his final home  –  this we are sure ❤



Mei mei – another oldie who was given up when they left HK. Blind and needed dental and ear treatment – you could have grown potatoes in those ears, YUK.

Her new family have spoiled her and she now walks 3 times a day and is very vocal about what and when she wants! A right little madame she’s taken over ?


Popeye –  he came to our adoption day but once, his little face and genuine happy demeanor found him a home that same day. He now has a home, a garden and a family who adore him. A true rags to riches story for this lovely dog ?



Salvadore – my heart goes out to this boy! After a tough life with terrible neglect and treatment – he endured ill health and loneliness for years. We waited so very long to find him a loving home, as he was repeatedly overlooked. He’s a big dog but a softy and when he loves, oh he loves you!

He stayed with friends for sometime and as the months passed he became more attached and relaxed until he finally got under their skin and his paws firmly under the table – he’s homed at last!




Jake & Juno – they came from the same home, neglected, in poor condition and health with ear infections, skin too and their teeth were horrendous. Juno lost an eye as well as many teeth and Jake though in better shape is only now beginning to look really healthy. Over the following 2 months their 4 siblings were adopted. Every dog has his day and their day came when a friend surprised us all and said she’d like to take them both! Now in a home together where they’ll be 2 of the most spoiled dogs EVER!



June – at last our sweet girl found herself a home. She missed out when her twin Jiggle was adopted but the family weren’t allowed to have two dogs and so sadly June remained in foster. She’s been very happy but foster homes aren’t always forever; they are a stepping stone to a new life. At last her new life is beginning and let us hope she is as happy as she has been ?



Lyn – such a gorgeous, chubby, cuddly puppy he is and we are looking forward to seeing how he develops and grows. He has a family and a play mate, well that’s if Sally the cat allows. We are sad he couldn’t stay with his friend Lydia but she’s more interested in people than him ? he has a new beginning and life.





Marble & Mildred – they were found with Lyn & Lydia on the hillside. Now in a safe, happy foster home, healthy and being well fed and loved, they’re doing really well. They’ve got lots of friends and are happy. Marble is a ridiculously affectionate, tactile puppy who loves everyone. Mildred less so, though she still loves to receive attention and is a gentle, less demonstrative puppy.



Monty – he’s a young Lab cross though more lab for sure – playful, rambunctious, fun loving and silly dog. We’ll know more tomorrow so watch this space  …..




Gretel, Jocelyn, Pudding, Juliette, Lydia, Barney & Toby 



For more information please check our website if you’d like to adopt, foster, volunteer please contact us.

Huge thanks to the The Peak Cafe and staff, though they are renovating we are still there and they’re doing their best to make it as easy as they can for us. I look forward to seeing you next month on the 8th & the 29th.

Further thanks to Suzanne, Vivien and our amazing volunteers for the day who came out in the pouring rain as did our amazing fosters and followers.