Xiao Xiong is a very friendly boy and cuddly too  – unafraid of strangers even at the vet! The vet said a change of food is needed but other than that he’s in great shape.

He has remarkably white teeth, his coat is shiny and he’s clearly been loved and very well cared for. He’s had a blood test and everything updated, a mild heart murmur and a bit chubby, but otherwise amazingly healthy.

Bobo is a lovely looking cat and more active than her younger friend. Full blood work and health check done. She too is in great condition and other than a change of food she’s in perfect shape.

We desperately want them to stay together as they truly are best friends. They have history and if for no other reason it will give their lovely mum some peace of mind.

If you can help PLEASE get in touch these cats have a future if you can give them a safe haven?