“WIS FAIR 2018” is locked


Once again, we were asked to participate in the WIS fair, which is always a fun day out and not just for the students!

This year I took two of my own rescue dogs, Juanita and Lili, both in their teens now but as happy and loving as any youngster. Two of the charities dogs came along too, Crystal and Harriet, who have been staying with me as fosters while we look for a new home for them, both full of life and real characters.

Lili spent the day being cuddled and carried around like a baby (she loves it) between snacks and giving her well-known lizard-like kisses and a bit of face washing thrown in. Juanita rolled over for everyone exposing her voluptuous belly to all for a well-deserved rub and a brush which made her day special.

The younger girls Crystal and Harriet ran up and down the front of the stall attached to a student for the most part, occasionally stopping to steal a toy, give a paw and stuff their faces with some of the home-baked dog treats made especially on the day for us by Sophie Lau, Vivienne Ishida and Lulu Wong. Thank you so much!

At the end of the day we had four exhausted dogs who slept like the dead with smiles plastered n their faces.

Not only that, we raised some money, sold lots of toys etc and more importantly raised awareness to the plight of some of HK’s animals in need. We ate well, we shopped, and like our dogs went home a tad exhausted!

Thank you to the PTA for their support and of course Ms McLean and the students who came to help out (too many to name) but very much appreciated.

And not forgetting our own volunteers who gave their time and energy; there was a lot to do before, during and after – so thank you to Wendy, Joanna, John and Julia – HUGE thanks for everything you did and do for the animals and our charity!