Toby has lived with me for around 2 years and though he missed out on a home; due to failing his tick fever test he has made himself very comfortable.

I know he’d be happier with a single dog or ever two dogs. He’s not a difficult dog, he is however unusual and has his quirks.

He likes routine, he likes his bed to be in the same place, the water bowl too. His food has to be placed on his bed at the end and he won’t eat if you look at him.

His quirks make him more loveable in my mind and he’s harmless and gentle.
He likes who he knows and will reverse to avoid a strangers touch, never aggressive – he’s sweet, strange but loving in his own way.

I feel bad that I can’t give him as much love and attention as he would perhaps like, I simply have more dogs than hands.

(UD: 19/08)