A child bought 2 red slider turtles and after only two months, she was tired of them. She gave them to her granny who felt sorry for them and rather than see them thrown out, she kept them.

She had no idea what to do or how to care for them. However, remarkably they have lived in a plastic bowl of water. Their daily exercise involves them having free run of the floor until they tire and then they’re back to the bowl. Their diet a tad random food including cabbage and tiny shrimps. To date they’re 14cm and 9cm long, they’d fit in the palm of an adult hand.

Granny is now over 70 and though in good health, she’s much concerned that should anything happen to her there’ll be nobody to care for her friends of over 15 years.

I know many animals and creatures have been abandoned and discarded and more so lately. I need to help give this kind lady peace of mind by homing her little friends.

Thank you from a kind lady.