Life is beautiful with jackpot around

On Sunday at our adoption day I had a lovely surprise when Ivi Jauw approached me with her poodle Jackpot.

We had a chat and I was handed a delightful book called “Life Is Beautiful With Jackpot Around…”

Ivi drew all the pictures herself and was encouraged to publish the book, which thankfully she did (Phiew’s Collections Partridge) and now we can all enjoy it!

The book has proved very popular and has sold many copies in and around Asia. The money from sales has been donated to a couple of charities and we were fortunate to be one of them!

Thank you Ivi and Jackpot for your amazing gift to us all ? ?. This is a book for anyone and everyone, regardless of age. If you’d like to meet Ivi and Jackpot we believe they’re going to be joining us at the next adoption event as well – February 25th at Peak Cafe Bar, Central.