We’ve decided to home India and Iago together or with Mr. Hoppy. India and Iago treat Mr. Hoppy as their dad and cry when he’s not in eye shot. It’s a big ask but if we don’t try, we don’t know.

The youngsters love each other and play a lot, then India toddles off to hang out with people while Iago goes to his dad and cuddles up and has a nap before he starts again.

Mr. Hoppy is very happy with the kittens, much happier than when he was on his own. We’re now seeing a softer side to Mr. H as he accepts the kittens climbing all over him biting and annoying him and when they get too much he lets them know, but he’s incredibly patient – bless him!

They do make a delightful trio and we hope we can find someone with the space and a big heart, actually a huge heart to adopt all 3!