She’s a beautiful cat with a cute round face, lush shiny coat and bright eyes. She’s accepted that the human in her flat is a vending machine who offers her a tempting daily selection of dried fish snacks as well as both wet and dry food.

She has her favourite toys; she loves balls made of newspaper and more so tennis balls which can be found all over the flat which shows that she is no longer a solitary loner. She runs about batting them around the place as she goes, which is quite an improvement though it may not sound like it.

Gogo doesn’t hide anymore either which is a monumental step she’s happy to nap, crash out or snooze when & where the fancy takes her. So what, if it has taken her a year a result is a result right?

Sooner or later her foster will have his ‘Hallelujah’ moment when Gogo allows him to stroke her. Until then, we patiently wait!

(UD: 27/10)