Gilbert & Gavin are together and though I had considered separating them it would be sad to do this as they have a really strong bond. Gilbert’s absolutely delightful, affectionate and loving and​ then more, he’s putty in your hands and all it takes is a chin or head rub. He likes to play more than his friend Gavin who we believe had to live in a cage for much longer.

Gavin though similar to Gilbert in many ways is less playful and more perhaps more docile. He’s a cuddly who loves to snooze on the bed or anywhere warm and soft. I think so many years in a cage have certainly made him appreciate home comforts and good food.

With more people leaving HK, plus leaving their cats behind. It’s so hard for the cats, the lucky ones find new homes. However, there are more cats than available homes.

(UD: 11/06)