As is too often the case Frankie’s situation has changed again.

He’s in foster home number 2 and settling in well. He loves that there’s someone around almost all the time. Sadly the heat has driven many dogs home and when he goes to the dog park he’s too frequently the only dog there. Of course he finds ways to amuse himself, playing with his toy, running after a ball or chasing the birds.

His behaviour has really improved however he still barks if he gets scared. It’s improving he’s having daily training and more time around strangers to help him overcome his fears.

He’s a lovely young dog who would benefit from a stable environment, routine and lots of love. Can you offer him this?

(UD: 27/07)

Kirsten’s Zoo is always in need of donations and foster homes to help our dogs. Every dog in our care requires food and a foster until homed. Plus, health check, desex, vaccinations, de-flea, worming, Heartgard & microchip. Some of our older dogs need ongoing medication and more frequent vet visits.

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