Meet the boys – who are adorable and still in need of a retirement or foster home.

Bubbles – 11 years young, playful and charming, he lost an eye due to an infection when he was a kitten he’s otherwise healthy.

Squeak – 10 years young, more into eating and napping, he has bronchitis and needs daily meds – no big deal as he’s so used to it.

They’re not natural siblings however they’ve been together for the majority of their lives and are very bonded and happy together.
They both use the toilet, I kid you not. They’ve been trained to go to the loo and all you have to do is flush. It’s a big saving on cat litter and there’s no cleaning either!

Their owner and carer has battled with an allergy to her boys for years and years which has sadly got to the point that she can no longer cope. She’s been taking meds and tried numerous concoctions to no avail.

They eat well, Weight Management dry food and will come with vast amounts of food and meds for the foreseeable future.

(UD: 22/09)


Kirsten’s Zoo is always in need of donations and foster homes to help our cats. Every cat in our care requires food & a foster until homed. Plus, health check, desex, vaccinations, de-flea, worming & microchip. Many of our older cats need ongoing medical and regular health checks.

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