Adoptions & Fosters for Jan – Feb

We’ve had an incredibly busy few weeks and I’m very late posting for that reason, apologies for that. We’ve had adoptions and fosters in abundance, yes of course some due to the present situation and the corona virus hitting the territory. So many people having to work from home and the kids at home too. Lots of people were clearly of the mind ”Why not foster a dog or adopt a dog”?  
The perfect time especially as it’s something the kids have been begging their parents for! Plus a great way to keep the kids happy not to mention occupied and outdoors in the fresh air.
It has been a wonderful time in that respect with some of our lovely puppies and dogs enjoying life in a home and many with children to play with and entertain with their antics.
I sincerely hope life goes back to usual soon, its a very trying, worrying time for us all and it’s not over yet. However we have to continue to do what we do, take care of the quadrupeds in need!
Stay safe and well, our adoption days will continue  on March the 8th & 22nd I hope to see you then.


Maddox – he’s a gangly free spirit, with a love for sofas to lie on, eat or watch TV from. He loves his new best friend as much as he loves the sofa. We were so happy he and his brother found homes on the same day. A rather lovely surprise and unexpected.


Mateo – he’s quite different in both appearance and personality to his brother Maddox. He’s the more affectionate of the two boys and he’s more a people dog and landed a home that firs like a glove.


Parsnip – he was the first of the 6 puppies to be adopted and is loving having the children at home to play with, a lovely home for a lovely puppy. I love that he has a busy household which is exactly what he enjoyed while in foster.


Sherry – she was second to find a home and I know there’s a little boy who is over the moon as he finally has the puppy he’s been begging his parents for. She’s less bold than her brothers and is happy to get all the attention for herself.


Eggnog – the third and he’s living just round the corner which means he often follows me and my pack, running along behind happy to be with other dogs. He’s a bold, confident boy and he is also with a family and older children who he adores and they him.


Sprout – and the fourth puppy landed a home with his foster family who fell in love with him. He’s SO well behaved and has a lovely dog friend who he adores and follows around – probably annoys him but he allows it anyway. I think the timing was perfect here and they look adorable together.


Butter – the fifth and the boy with a fan club has a lovely home and more offers to mind him than I’ve ever had. He’s super friendly like his sibling, they really are one of the friendliest litters just like their mum Merry. He has a face anyone would love and a personality to match. 


Ollie – this made us all very happy, to see him in a loving home with a family who adore him, a garden and a quieter environment which is exactly what he needed. He’s a perfect and will live out his days happily – yay for lovely Ollie.


Rhea – she wen’t into foster and never left. She has a new dog friend and I swear they look like twins. She walked in and within an hour made herself quite at home when she got on the sofa.



Horlicks – the last for this period and why not end with a hamster! Our volunteer/foster and now keeper couldn’t give him up as her dog adores him and her husband said No to another dog or cat !




Jocelyn – we were so happy to see her go into a foster home, she loves routine and being with ‘her family’ and she’s thriving. This will really help when the right person/s come along and adopt her, she’ll be ready and already perfectly trained. Totally toilet trained and very laid back at home.


Merry – she could fit in with anyone / any family and she has of course adjusted perfectly. She’s in excellent health and loving life with her new dog friend. She’s a fantastic dog and would make anyone happy.

Cranberry – she’s the friendliest, kissy puppy you could ever meet and the last of 6. Toilet trained and a very easy fun puppy who loves every dog and person too.



Odessa & Opal – they’re more adorable than ever and as they grow up they blossom. I love these two they’re the absolute best!


Lydia – everyone’s favourite friend, any dog anywhere at anytime she’s up for a play. She’s ridiculously friendly and loves life. She ought to be in a home it’s crazy that she isn’t – she’s small, adorable and would bring joy to anyone’s life. 



Dogs still waiting for fosters



Mildred, Marble, Nelly & Nelah, Oats, Barney and Bubbles.


Our new dog 



Hugo our stunning 3.5 year old Husky – come and meet him at our adoption day or check out the website  / facebook  KirstensZooCharity  / Instagram kirstenszoo

We are hoping, as is everyone I’m sure to see the foster & adoption situation continue though of course we are all want to see life revert back to normal again! Stay well and safe – Kirsten